Broadcasting and Journalism

BC 418: Elective for the BEA-NAB Convention


Welcome to the home page of BC 418. This is a one (1) credit hour course for students interested in attending the BEA and NAB Conference.

Students will travel to Las Vegas, NV in April to attend the  BEA  and  NAB Conferences. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for any broadcasting student. These conferences provide a place for them to network with broadcasting professionals and other students interested in a career in broadcasting. Educational panels, workshops, a broadcasting job fair and the largest consortium of vendors in the broadcasting industry in the world are just some of the benefits of this study abroad course.

Currently enrolled students, please find resources for our trip below. An interest meeting with a brochure and application are available from Professor Sam Edsall, Class instructor.


  • BEA Conference - The official website of the BEA Conference. Schedules and other information can be found here.
  • Circus Circus - The hotel on the strip that we will be staying at.
  • NAB Convention - The official website of the NAB Convention. Schedules and other information can be found here.

Video of the Student Experience at BEA/NAB