Broadcasting and Journalism

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Award Winning

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National Broadcasting Society
2018: 14 Nominations
6 Grand Prize winners

  • NBS On-the-Spot Competition for Best Promo
  • Rookie Member of the Year Award
  • Advisor of the Year Award

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National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Mid America Chapter
2018: Crystal Pillar winner

  • Best Short Form Video Story

Honorable Mention

  • Long Form Video Story

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Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
2018: 10 Nominations

  • Awards: TV Sports Report, Sports Director, Use of YouTube, Best Faculty Advisor

ICPA logo

Illinois College Press Association
2018 Awards

  • First Place: Photo Shoot
  • Third Place: Column
  • Honorable Mention: Headline Writing

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College Media Association Pinnacle Award
2018: Awards Winner

  • 3rd place: Best Television Newscast
  • 3rd place: Best Television Entertainment Program

INBA logo

Students in Illinois News Broadcasters Association
2018: 9 Finalists

  • Outstanding Sports TV Program
  • Outstanding Hard TV Program
  • Outstanding Soft TV Program
  • Outstanding Videography
  • Outstanding TV Sports Reporting
  • Outstanding Radio Sports PBP
  • Outstanding Use of Sound
  • Outstanding Soft Radio Program

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Sports Video Group College Sports Media Awards
2018: Finalist

  • Outstanding Special Feature

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Broadcast Education Association
2018: Award of Excellence

  • TV Sports Story