Broadcasting and Journalism


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News and Performance

The News/Performance Track focuses on the preparation of students for careers in front of the camera and/or microphone. news3 is the outlet for our live local television newscasts. Students learn to gather news, cover news events, edit news packages, and produce and direct half-hour newscasts that reach Macomb and McDonough County viewers. There are opportunities to be reporters and anchors (news, weather, and sports), as well as to produce and direct newscasts. WIUS-FM is our music, news and sports outlet on the radio side. On-air shifts are available to all majors every semester. news3 and WIUS-FM are completely student-run under the guidance of faculty and staff.

Production (Audio and Video)

The Production Track is designed for students interested in working in video, audio, and/or film production and post-production. The program is hands-on. You will work with faculty and peers in an interactive environment to learn production and editing skills. You will also learn camera techniques, post-production special effects, ENG and studio lighting, and operating control room and on-air studio equipment. Then you will take those skills and produce audio, video and interactive programming for multi-platform distribution.

Sports Broadcasting

The Sports Broadcasting option is for students who live and breathe sports. Students in the Sports Broadcasting emphasis prepare to become multimedia sports broadcasters. They work in front of the camera; behind the microphone and camera; in the production truck and TV studio; and from their laptops. editing, blogging, and posting their work.


The Journalism major requires core courses in basic news writing and reporting, media law, and research methods. People are storytellers. Narratives are the main ways we explore, understand, and explain our time and world to each other. Journalism helps students learn to gather information and relate material with clarity and brevity across multiple platforms. Content is key. Students complete their Journalism coursework by choosing an emphasis such as news/editorial, public relations, or advertising.

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