Broadcasting and Journalism



The Department of Broadcasting and Journalism offers a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. People are storytellers. Narratives are the main ways we explore, understand, and explain our time and world to each other. Journalism helps students learn to gather information and relate material with clarity and brevity across multiple platforms. Content is key. The Journalism major requires core courses in basic newswriting and reporting, media law, and research methods. Students complete their Journalism coursework by choosing an emphasis such as news/editorial, public relations, or advertising. Some examples of content in each area include the following:

  • News/editorial – newswriting, sportswriting, editing, reviewing, photojournalism, etc. Students can cover city council meetings and presentations by visiting speakers, interview athletes and artists, and take part in press conferences with government officials and other public figures.
  • Public relations – PR principles, campaign strategies, etc. PR students make plans for businesses, nonprofits, and other clients.
  • Advertising – copy and layout, media planning, etc. Writing copy, planning various media, and creating visuals complement interaction with commercial interests.

In addition to being an excellent major, Journalism also makes a great minor when coupled with an assortment of major fields: broadcasting, political science, business, graphic communication, or health, to name a few. Journalism adds value to students’ talents by strengthening communication skills. Journalism graduates become lawyers, entrepreneurs, grant writers, and creative designers as well as reporters, editors, and photographers.

Journalism's essentials include the ability to focus on what's important, the skill to write clearly, concisely and entertainingly as well as the background to bring broad knowledge to the events of the day. The WIU Journalism Program covers these bases with a liberal arts framework taught by faculty who are experienced journalism professionals and scholars.