Broadcasting and Journalism

Tuition Waivers

Students in the department of Broadcasting and Journalism have the opportunity to apply for tuition waivers. A tuition waiver is a "scholarship" of sorts which allows students to trade skills to the department in return for money to apply towards tuition bills. The purpose of tuition waivers is to allow students to form bonds with faculty and staff in the department while building skills alongside other students in the department. 

There are many opportunities for freshman students to apply for as well as returning students. For a listing of tuition waivers available to freshman students, see below. If you are interested in applying, please follow the link at the bottom of this page, "Tuition Waiver Application." It will take you to an online submission form that once you fill out and submit, will be sent to the chair of the broadcasting department.

The first twenty-five (25) students who meet the requirements set forth below will receive a $750.00 tuition waiver for the Fall semester. The award is conditional to the student fulfilling the conditions on the contract and availability of funds.

For questions regarding tuition waivers, please contact the broadcasting department. Contact information can be found under the "Contact" section on this website.

Incoming students are eligible for tuition waiver money if they meet the following criteria:

  • Be an incoming WIU freshman majoring in Broadcasting & Journalism.
  • Attend a S.O.A.R. and register for classes as a Broadcasting & Journalism major beginning study in August 2020. Must have a S.O.A.R. registration date.
  • Have a housing deposit and contract with University Housing and Dining Services.
  • Agree to live on the broadcasting Living Learning Community floor in Washington Hall.
  • Attend a tuition waiver information meeting during the first week of classes in August.
  • Agree to fulfill assigned duties as a sports announcer, camera operator, or production assistant for fall 2020.
  • Be academically eligible to receive a tuition waiver. (For new students, this means being regularly admitted to WIU)

Sporting Opportunities:

  • Macomb High School Football Announcer
  • Macomb High School Football Camera Operator
  • Macomb High School Soccer Announcer
  • Macomb High School Soccer Camera Operator
  • Macomb High School Boy's Basketball Announcer
  • Macomb High School Boy's Basketball Camera Operator
  • Macomb High School Girl's Basketball Announcer
  • Macomb High School Girl's Basketball Camera Operator
  • Enhanced Podcast Producer
  • WIU Sports Blogger
  • Video Editor
  • News Reporter

Non-Sports Opportunities:

  • Production Assistant

tution waiver
Deadline for applications: May 1, 2020