Department of Broadcasting

William "Buzz" Hoon, Ph.D.

Dr. William “Buzz” Hoon has been teaching Broadcasting classes at WIU since 1991. Dr. Hoon earned his doctorate from Southern Illinois University in 2005. His research centers on minority images in the media and sports production. He has taught a multicultural course in media studies, introductory and advance radio and television production, broadcast journalism, sports performance, and sports production. He has served the department as the Director of Sports Broadcasting and supervised live television and radio sports productions. In 2010-11, Hoon managed over 100 television and radio sports productions. He was selected as the College of Fine Arts and Communication Award and WIU Provost Award for Service in 2007, the COFAC and Provost Award for Multicultural Teaching in 2008, as well as the COFAC Teaching Award in 2010-11. With his guidance, the department has expanded its offerings and now has a Sports Broadcasting major.


Areas of Interest:

 Sports Production, Radio and TV Production, Media Minority Studies



Ph.D. Mass Communication

William "Buzz" Hoon, Ph.D.