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8:45 am

Registration (University Union Grand Ballroom entrance)

Welcome (9:15 am) (University Union Grand Ballroom) by Stacey Macchi (Dept. of Communication)


IA. "Dressing for Success: The Rules Have Changed"
John Nelson

IB. "I Have A Comm Degree, Now What?"
Stephanie Hilten, Rachel Bolinger


IIA. "LinkedIn 101: Let's Get This Started"
Stephanie Hilten

IIB. "Just When You Thought You Knew It All:
Graduate School-What You Need to Know "
Dakota Horn & Rebecca Probasco


IIIA. "How To Tap Into the Hidden Job Market"
Erica Mitchell

IIIB. "Selling Your Degree"
Bernie Gonzalez


IVA. "You're Fired! Now What Are You Going To Do?"
Matthew Walker

IVB. "What I've Learned My First Year On The Job"
Emilia Flynn


Welcome by: Dr. Peter Jorgensen (Chair, Department of Communication)

"Making Your Way In the World Today Takes..."

Alumni Speaker: Jennifer Haney-Crowe

Luncheon/Keynote Speaker. Check your meal choice below (all meals include roll, iced water and iced tea).

Lemon Basil Chicken
Herbed Roasted Turkey
Vegetarian Paella with edamame


VA. "Positioning Yourself for Success: Content Marketing & Communication"
Justin Rinaldi

VB. "Let’s See What You Can Do: When Employers Ask for a Demonstration Presentation During the Interview Process"
Dakota Horn


VIA. "5 Things To Do Immediately About Networking"
Stephanie Hilten

VIB. "Resume Workshop"
(Emilia Flynn, Rachel Bolinger, Erica Mitchell, Justin Rinaldi, Matthew Walker, Bernie Gonzalez, Dakota Horn)

Meet with professionals in the field for this session to receive feedback on your resume. You must bring your resume with you.


Networking Social

Attend this interactive session and receive a quick lesson on networking and then practice your networking skills with Department of Communication alumni, Career Preparation Day presenters, Communication Department faculty, and your fellow students.

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