Career Preparation Day - Program 2019


Registration (University Union Grand Ballroom entrance)

Welcome (9:15 am) (University Union Grand Ballroom) by Stacey Macchi (Dept. of Communication)



"Dressing for Success: The Rules Have Changed"
John Nelson

Learn how to find and manage your voice for your professional social media (while still being humorous and respectful). In other words, let's chat about how to manage social media for the outside world.


"I Have A Comm Degree, Now What?"
Stephanie Hilten, Rachel Bolinger

A Communication major is suitable for many career choices. This is a benefit if you know how to sell your degree. During this panel you will learn how several previous Communication graduates promoted their degree, how it benefited them, and how they found their current career.



"LinkedIn 101: Let's Get This Started"
Stephanie Hilten

Learn how to use LinkedIn as a professional networking tool for your job/internship search. This website allows students to create a free profile, "connect" with professionals with similar career paths, join professional groups, and search for jobs and/or internships. Please bring your laptop to start the process of creating and updating your own LinkedIn profile.


"Just When You Thought You Knew It All: Graduate School-What You Need to Know"
Dakota Horn & Rebecca Probasco

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transition from undergraduate work to graduate work? Do you wonder what really goes on in graduate school? Come find out during this session where former MA and PhD graduate students will be happy to regale their experiences! Learn the expectations from a faculty member to help ease the transitions as well.



"How To Tap Into the Hidden Job Market"
Erica Mitchell

Did you know that seventy to eighty percent of all job openings are never posted? In this workshop, you will learn why employers don't want to post their job openings, key strategies and techniques for how to tap into the hidden job market, as well as how to connect with employers outside of a formal job application.


"Selling Your Degree"
Bernie Gonzalez

If you know what you're doing after college, do not attend this session. Seriously, it'd be a waste of time. But if you're not sure how to sell/market/brand/pitch your communication degree (and more importantly yourself), this session might be of interest. Topics we'll discuss: purple cows, drill bits, tribes, and storytelling.



"You're Fired! Now What Are You Going To Do?"
Matthew Walker

We'd all like to think that our career path will be a nice, straight arrow pointing upward. In all likelihood though, your path will be full of left and right turns, the occasional forward jump, unexpected U-turns, and sometimes backwards falls. It's easy and fun when things are moving in the right direction, but how do you handle those times when adversity rears its ugly head? Join WIU alum Matt Walker as he shares his story of losing his dream job, and what it takes to pick up the pieces and move forward with an eye toward the positive.


"What I've Learned My First Year On The Job"
Emilia Flynn

Picture walking across the graduation stage knowing you have a GREAT job waiting for you. Now, fast forward one year, what do you see? Success? Riches perhaps? Come learn about the five greatest lessons this alum has learned during her first year on the job.


Welcome by: Dr. Peter Jorgensen (Chair, Department of Communication)

“Making Your Way In the World Today Takes ....”

Alumni Speaker: Jennifer Haney-Crowe

You are Generation Z and research says you are competitive, entrepreneurial and independent. But are you asking yourself, "do I have what it takes to transition smoothly into the work world?" Learn tips on how to plot your course and navigate the many detours you may take from a Gen-Xer who has made her own way in the marketing field.



"Positioning Yourself for Success: Content Marketing & Communication"
Justin Rinaldi

Communication, graphic communication, marketing, and mass communication degree holders are now fighting over the same jobs. Position yourself for success and receive resources for leading the pack of new graduates in today's everchanging hiring environment. Presenter, Justin Rinaldi oversees the marketing operations for Safety Speed Manufacturing, overseeing Company Communications including Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization Strategy, Pay Per Click Strategy, Graphic Design and Web Development.


"Let's See What You Can Do: When Employers Ask for a Demonstration Presentation During the Interview Process"
Dakota Horn

We all know the importance of a resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills to land the job. But what happens when an employer asks you for a demonstration? Those include a sales pitch, running a mock meeting, a teaching demonstration, as well as recording a live sample radio broadcast. This seminar will talk about various examples of demonstrations asked for at different employers and talk about how to prepare and ace the demonstration. The conversation between the panelists and participants will answer questions about what the experience is like preparing as well as how employers evaluate a demonstration with sample rubrics and stories from past experiences.



"5 Things To Do Immediately About Networking"
Stephanie Hilten

Learn 5 things you should be doing right now to further your networking skills. Stephanie will discuss how to start networking in college and how to continue networking during your professional career.


"Resume Workshop"
(Emilia Flynn, Rachel Bolinger, Erica Mitchell, Justin Rinaldi, Matthew Walker, Bernie Gonzalez, Dakota Horn)

Meet with professionals in the field for this session to receive feedback on your resume. You must bring your resume with you.



"America's Next Top Model: WIU Style"
(Cam Brown, Alyssa Hummel, Erica Mitchell)

Learn the "do's" and "don'ts" of professional interview and workplace attire; judge for yourself who is the best dressed student at WIU!


"Resume Workshop"
(Emilia Flynn, Bruce Western, Megan Greening, Stephanie Hilten, Mike Gerrish, Ciera Umburger)

Networking Social Attend this interactive session and receive a quick lesson on networking and then practice your networking skills with Department of Communication alumni, Career Preparation Day presenters, Communication Department faculty, and your fellow students. Meet with professionals in the field for this session to receive feedback on your resume. You must bring your resume with you.


Networking Social

on networking and then practice your networking skills with Department of Communication alumni, Career Preparation Day presenters, Communication Department faculty, and your fellow students.