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Dr. William Clow — Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Dr. Peter Jorgensen — Chair, Department of Communication



IA. "The Effects of Cyber Activity on Lives and Careers"

Dr. Jill J. Myers

While cyber technology expands our ability to connect with others and the world, it also creates a new context for exploitation and victimization. Social media and Internet sites (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube, Amazon, Google, etc.) know and share more about us and our "friends" then most of us realize. This session explores the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining online identities and discusses the emerging risks and benefits of staying connected screen to screen.


IB. "Top Skills To Land and Keep Your Dream Job"

Alyssa Hummel

You have almost graduated and your mind is full of information- what do you do with it? Know the professional tactics to accompany your education that are a “must-know” to be able to receive a job offer and be successful in your first job. Learn everything from mannerisms to dressing for success for an interview. Then gain the social information needed to perform at your best in the office. Learn the unwritten rules for success after college then get ready to land and keep your dream job.



IIA. "Life after college: don't let the real world eat you alive"

Lauren Johnson

What can you expect the day after graduation? During this session, myths and realities about transitioning from student to young professional will be discussed. In addition, what is that "perfect job?" How do you seek it and what are the expectations for having it?

IIB. "You can do THAT with a Comm. Degree"

Jessica Stock, Julie Russell, Shawn Wochner & Ian Clark

A Communication major is suitable for many career choices. This is a benefit if you know how to sell your degree. During this panel you will learn how several previous communication graduates promoted their degree, how it benefited them and how they found their current career.


IIIA. "60 Seconds or Less—Are you Ready"

Emily Ludolph, Michelle Frieden & Jessica Stock

Learn how to showcase your talents to be the ideal candidate for the job and maximize your potential of getting the job of your dreams! In this interactive session you will learn how (and why) to prepare a 60 second commercial to "sell" yourself to a potential employer?


IIIB. "Finding the Perfect Match: You and Your Employer"

Dakota Horn

There is more to many organizations than meets the eye. When you assume that you know enough about a potential employer without researching it, you could be overlooking important information. What motivates you? What is important to you? What job characteristics would make this a job that sticks? Finding the perfect match helps you to look past salary and benefits and look at lifestyle and time off.



Welcome by Dr. Billy Clow (Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication)

"WWYD: What would you do? Work as if you were the boss! Keynote Speaker: Rachel Bridgett"

How many times have you thought, "I would have done it differently if I were the CEO," or "Why doesn't my voice seem to matter?" Well here's the thing – you matter! and so does your voice! Regardless of your position in the company, regardless of your seniority, who you know or what you could and SHOULD be working every day as if you were the CEO! From networking basics to building your empire, you will learn simple keys to managing a successful career, starting with today! By positioning yourself as a self-starter, innovator, and team-player, YOU can feel the success of a high-performing organization.

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IVA. "The Hunt"

Laurelin Hefter

Somewhere between the scary fate of living off your parents for 5 more years and being the youngest college graduate on "Cribs" is a realistic lifestyle of a recent college graduate with a livable salary and a job title that you can be proud of. I will give it to you straight and tell you what the job market is really like. No worries…I have a few resume, follow-up call and interview hints to make you shine above the other applicants for the dream job you want!


IVB. "Just When You Thought You Knew It All: Graduate School-What You Need to Know"

Julia Dinges, Shirval Moore, Hannah Youngquist and Nathan Miczo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transition from undergraduate work to graduate work? Do you wonder what really goes on in graduate school? Come find out during this session where current graduate students will be happy to regale their experiences! Learn the expectations from a faculty member to help ease the transitions as well.


VA. "Resume Workshop"

Laurelin Hefter, Julie Russell, Lauren Johnson, Jessica Stock, Dakota Horn, Rachel Bridgett, Kelly Nelson, Desiree Becker & Alyssa Hummel

Meet with professionals in the field for this session to receive feedback on your resume. You must bring your resume with you.


VB. "Interview Do's and Don'ts"

Alisha Barnett and Kelly Nelson

From how to prepare ahead of time, what to wear and what to say and not say, this interactive session will get you ready to land any job with a stand-out interview! After a brief overview of basic interview essentials, you will be asked questions used by a Fortune 500 company and be given pointers on how to best respond.



Networking Social

Laurelin Hefter, Julie Russell, Lauren Johnson, Dakota Horn, Alisha Barnett, Alyssa Hummel , Rachel Bridgett, Kelly Nelson & Desiree Becker

Attend this interactive session and receive a quick lesson on networking and then practice your networking skills with Department of Communication alumni, Career Preparation Day presenters, Communication Department faculty, and your fellow students.

*All who attend will enjoy dessert and have an opportunity to win a grand prize!


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