Communication Research Study Participation Opportunity


Facebook Memes

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Christopher J. Carpenter
Phone: 309-762-9481 QC extension 62324


This study is an online only study such that you will complete all of the study via an online survey.

  • You MUST be a Facebook user to participate.
  • You must also at least be 18 years old.
  • The survey will show you a meme, similar to those you might see on Facebook and ask you a number of questions about your reactions to it and your own beliefs.

Phases (if applicable): N/A


Participants will spend 20 Minutes Total
Consult instructor for extra credit available.

Number of Participants: 800

Location of Data collection:

Online Survey Facebook Memes

Start Date: anytime

End Date: 5/01/2020 or when 800 number of participants obtained.

Data collection dates and times: Anytime

Extra Credit info reported to course instructors: no later than: 05/05/2020