Community Music School

WIU Community Music School - Intermediate Guitar Class

Instructor: Justin Haynes

Sessions: Twice/Week for 45 Minutes-Exact Times TBA

Class Materials - All Materials Will Be Provided


Must Be Able to Read Music and Chord Notation at a Basic Level

The first session of each week will focus on basic guitar fundamentals, including theory, sight-reading, and performance techniques. A new key will be studied every week, addressing both the I IV V7 I chord progression and the ii V7 I chord progression. These will be studied both as triads and seventh chords to build chord vocabulary skills. A new rhythmic study will be applied every week to these concepts in order to enhance strumming and technical skills. The corresponding major scales will also be addressed in order to become more fluent with the various positions of the guitar. Sight-reading material will also correspond to the key of the week. Students will learn a variety of styles and techniques from classical guitar to folk guitar, to several different genres of jazz guitar.

A typical class period includes the following.

  • Theory and Application (20 Minutes) - This combines the chord, rhythm, and melodic concepts mentioned above
  • Sight-Reading (15 Minutes) - Material will focus on single note melodies along with accompaniment
  • Styles and Techniques (10 Minutes) - Described above

The second session of each week will focus primarily on ensemble playing. All members of the class will trade parts throughout the semester so that everyone has a chance to play the melody, accompaniment, and bass parts in the various ensemble pieces. A total of 5 pieces will be covered throughout the semester, with a new piece being introduced approximately every three weeks.

The following pieces are examples of the literature that may be covered in class (based on participant ability).

  • May Song-Traditional Folk Song
  • The Promised Land-Traditional Folk Song
  • Follow Me Up To Carlow-Traditional Folk Song
  • Billy's Bay-Chris Buzzelli for Jazz Guitar Ensemble
  • Can't But Me Love-The Beatles
  • Romanza-David Del Castillo


At the end of the year, the guitar ensemble will perform at the Community Music School Recital in May. Individuals are welcome to perform pieces at this time as well if they feel comfortable. There will be an in-class recital the last week of each semester in which each student will perform individually for the class. Pieces will be selected at a later date. Other performances may be added.

For more information and registration, please contact: 
Justin R. Haynes

Intermediate Guitar Class in PDF.