Information about CSD Program

What is Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)?

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It is the study of human communication and its disorders and how to assess and treat them. Human communication disorders refer to speech, language, and hearing disorders.

What is Speech Language Pathology and Audiology?

Different professions are involved in the diagnosis and management of human communication disorders (ex: special education, psychology), but  only speech language pathology and audiology  has human communication disorders as its primary concern.

Specialists who deal with speech and language disorders are called Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs): and those who deal with hearing disorders are called Audiologists.

What do we study in Communication Sciences and Disorders program?

We learn about the scientific, developmental, and multicultural aspects od speech, language, and hearing.

We learn about the nature, causes, assessment, and treatment of various disorders of speech, language, and hearing of people of all ages.

What are the types of communication disorders?

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  • Speech sound system acquisition or disorders
  • Language delay or disorders in young children by feature, presumed cause, or correlates
  • Language-learning disabilities in school-age and adolescents
  • Disorders of voice and fluency (stuttering)
  • Hearing disorders
  • Stroke and related adult disorders
  • Neurogenic disorders of speech
  • Special populations

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