School of Music

Undergraduate Audition Guide Literature List

The following list was compiled by the WIU School of Music's applied music faculty as a guideline for Freshman Auditions.

These repertoire lists represent only suggestions and the specific titles are not required. The pieces do, however, indicate the level of performance expected of incoming students.

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior auditions can follow the same repertoire guidelines, but should understand that a higher performance level will be expected. The difficulty level of the literature will also be considered.

Please contact Trista Trone, Recruitment Coordinator, at (309) 298-1087 or via email at if you have questions regarding the repertoire guide. Trista Trone will forward your call to the appropriate applied teacher.

Freshman Audition Guidelines - BRASS

Freshman Audition Guidelines - WOODWINDS

Freshman Audition Guidelines - PERCUSSION

Freshman Audition Guidelines - STRINGS

Freshman Audition Guidelines - VOICE

Freshman Audition Guidelines - KEYBOARD