School of Music


Dr. Christine Lapka
Christine Lapka

Office Location: 209 Browne Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1472
Title: Professor, Music Education

Professor of Music Education. Dr. Lapka teaches elementary music methods courses, leads exceptionality in music class, coordinates the Music Education program and organizes music student teaching. Prior to her term at Western, Dr. Lapka worked in Illinois public schools in various music positions. Elementary music education made up the majority of her practical experience. During that time she found her two undergraduate degrees invaluable to her teaching (Music Education and Music Therapy, WIU). Dr. Lapka holds a Master of Arts in Music Education (WIU, 1993) and completed her doctorate in Music Education at the University of Illinois (2005). She received the Mary Hoffman Award of Excellence from the Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) in 2014.

As a researcher in the area of disabilities in music, she finds herself leading numerous workshops about students with different abilities. Likewise, several articles on the same subject appear in state, national, and international journals of music education. WIU Appointment 1998.