Performing Arts Society

PAS Recognition Award - Winners from 1986 - Present

The Performing Arts Society is a community organization whose members are patrons of the arts. The first organizational meeting was held December 8, 1983 followed by the first Board of Directors meeting. PAS was established through the assistance of an NEA grant and continued through assistance of the WIU Foundation.

This list does not include awards to retiring BCA members or retiring PAS board members.


Ruth Watts Award - Julie Murphy and Kathy Waters
William E. Brattain Award - Dr. Ken Hawkinson
Community Service Award - Macomb Band Boosters; Macomb Choir Boosters
Corporate Award - Tri States Public Radio


Ruth Watts Award - Maria Dunstan; Lori Bilbrey
William E. Brattain Award - Shirley Madigan
Community Service Award - Al Sears Jazz Festival
Corporate Award - Pella Corporation
BCA Award - Caitlyn James


Ruth Watts Award - Jenny and Tom Claudon; Matt Blankenship
William E. Brattain Award - Dorothee Gossel/Inselhaus
Community Service Award - Heidi Clemmens
Corporate Award - Diamond Den; Citizens Bank
BCA President Award - Trey Rock
BCA Award - Kevin Maynard


Ruth Watts Award – Dr. Ken Hawkinson
William E Brattain Award – Tammie Walker
Community Service Award – Janet Rigg representing the Prairieland Barbershop Chorus
Corporate Salute Award – Tom Claudon for MidAmerica National Bank


Ruth Watts Award – Janice King; John & Brenda Nelson
William E Brattain Award – Paul Kreider; Al & Elaine Goldfarb
Community Service Award – Susan Shoemaker; Kelly Quinn
BCA Awards – Paul Kreider
Corporate Salute Award – Market Place Selections 


Ruth Watts Award – Nancy and Herb Strong 
William E Brattain Award – Lisa and Don Patterson
Community Service Award – Mary Kay Benda; Sharon Nott
BCA Awards – Kevin Maynard; Dr. Danny Terry; Cathy Null
Corporate Salute Award – Matt and Tim Kipling, West Pierce Liquors; Lisa and Roger Ward, Magnolias


Ruth Watts Award – Rebecca A. Kreider
William E Brattain Award – Laura Leezer
Community Service Award – James & Erin Stegall
BCA Awards – Bertha Morrow, Matt Bean, Denver Murphy
Corporate Salute Award – WGEM & Sodexo (Ada Neighbors, Tim Keller & Evan Olsen)


Ruth Watts Award – Rosa Julstrom
William E Brattain Award – Jeff Holtz
Community Service Award – Sue Melton
BCA Awards – Alysse Anderson, Ashley Brown, Bridget Heil, Yvonne Oliver, Roberta Smith, Lindsay Swanson
Corporate Salute Award – Macomb Audiology


Ruth Watts Award – Dennis & Jane Morrow, Eileen Knowles
William E Brattain Award – Ruth Parks, Tracy Scrogum
Community Service Award – Gil Belles
BCA President Award – Ashley Brown
BCA Award – Rick Kuraz, Claudia McCain, Cathy Null, Lindsay Swanson
Corporate Salute Award – MidAmerica National Bank


Ruth Watts Award – Lisa Patterson, Neil & Dottie Brown
William E Brattain Award – Sen. John Sullivan, Rep. Rich Myers
Community Service Award – Lorraine Epperson
BCA President Award – Le Alexander
BCA Award – Adrian Najera-Coto, Lindsay Swanson, Gayle Heller
Corporate Salute Award – NTN Bower, State Farm


Ruth Watts Award – Dan Maxwell
William E Brattain Award – Alene Valkanas, Sue Anstine
Community Service Award – David Wetmore
BCA President Award – Le Alexander
BCA Award – Sarah Craddock, Mark Vawter, Dana Miller, David Patrick, Laura Leezer
Corporate Salute Award – Citizens National Bank, Sodexho


Ruth Watts Award - Charlene Callison
William E Brattain Award - Don and Kaye Norton
Community Service Award - David and Karen Culver Bill and Karen Poncin
BCA President Award - Christine Denney
BCA Award - Andy Potter and Jennifer Garcia
Corporate Salute Award - Eagle Publications


Ruth Watts Award - Jerry Tyson
William E Brattain Award - Connie Van Dyke
Community Service Award - Mary Kubasak
BCA President Award - Erin Runser
BCA Award - James Droste and Deb Miller
Corporate Salute Award - Macomb Journal


Ruth Watts Award - Gil Belles
William E Brattain Award - Bill Bushaw
Community Service Award - Colchester Elementary School & St. Paul Schools
BCA President Award - Jenny Thurnau
BCA Award - Robyn Chorez and Jim Droste
Corporate Salute Award - Methode Electronics, Inc.


Ruth Watts Award - Wells Fargo Educational Services
William E Brattain Award - Tom Carper
Community Service Award - Allen Nemec
BCA President Award - Jenny Thurnau
BCA Award - Tiffany Pellitier and Jennifer Sloan
Corporate Salute Award - Mid America National Bank


Ruth Watts Award - Charlene Callison
William E Brattain Award - Wine Tasting Committee
Community Service Award - Quality of Life Committee
BCA President Award - Doug Eck
BCA Award - Patty Munsch, Tiffany Pelletier, Ron Paniak and Chad Shook
Corporate Salute Award - Century 21 Purdum-Epperson


Ruth Watts Award - Herb and Rhoda Butler
William E Brattain Award - WESTEC
Community Service Award - Jerry and Roberta Tyson
BCA President Award - Doug Eck
BCA Award - Adel Abunawas
Corporate Salute Award - Citizens National Bank


Ruth Watts Award - Jean Crossman and Richard Passmore
William E Brattain Award - Earl Bracey, Art Peterson and Ken Thermon
Community Service Award - Steve Pastorelli
BCA President Award - Sara Hull
BCA Award - Paul Dennhardt and Ben Hughes
Corporate Salute Award - WIU Foundation


Ruth Watts Award - Bill Brattain
William E Brattain Award (1 st Award) - Kent Miller
Community Service Award - Steve Pastorelli
BCA President Award - Doug Franklin
BCA Awards - Lora Adcock, Mim Canny, Judy Edwards & Charolette Megginson
Corporate Salute Award - First State Bank of Western Illinois


Ruth Watts Award - Dan Colvin, Jeri Scott and Randy Powell, George Townsend and Burt Witthuhn
Community Service Award - Macomb High Performing Arts Program
BCA President Award - Howard Behrens
BCA Award - Don Black, Jim Miner, Michael Ortman and Sue Standard
Corporate Salute Award - Union National Bank, Marriott Education Services


Ruth Watts Award - Tom Carper, Larry Carson and Kent Miller
Community Service Award - WIUM/ Jeff Holtz, Deb Miller, and Dorie Gain
BCA President Award - Ryan Steinert
BCA Award - Kathy Clayton, Ann Collins, Laleh Kalantari, and Doug Mille 


Ruth Watts Award - George Hommowun and Helen Thomson 
Community Service Award - WJEQ/ Bruce and Nancy Foster
BCA President Award - Howard Behrens
BCA Award - Denise Brakefield, Paul Dennhardt, Claudia McCain, and James Stegall


Ruth Watts Award - Gerald Carey and Ron Gierhan
Community Service Award - Lyman Collings and Macomb Community Theatre/Deb Maguire
BCA President Award - Karen Wier
BCA Award - Jeri Scott and Matt Volk


Ruth Watts Award - Connie Gamer, Garry and Marilyn Johnson and Bob Reed
Community Service Award - Coder and Marge Hamilton, George Rosenbaum, and Ray and Shirley Smith
BCA President Award - Susie Standard
BCA Award - Karen Couden, Dale Hopper and Marty Mably


Ruth Watts Award - Julia Eyre, Mary Ann Watson and Mike Williams
Community Service Award - Bob Anstine
BCA President Award - Ann Fuller
BCA Award - Jim Ackil and Bill Burns


Ruth Watts Award - Bob and Sue Anstine and John and Susan Shoemaker
Community Service Award - Tom Carper
BCA President Award - Amy Deelsnyder
BCA Award - Rhys Blavier and Candace Winters-March


Ruth Watts Award - Trevert Couden, Betty Mansfield, and Forrest and Joan Suycott
Community Service Award - Gene Kozlowski and John Wade
BCA President Award - Jim Trainor
BCA Award - Bil Belles, Larry Carson, Karen Couden, Hugo Magliocco and Pierre Marshall


Performing Arts Society Award - Ruth Watts (posthumously), Mell and Judy Kerr, Vera Turner and Ruth Parks
Community Service Award - Maughan McMurdie and Mary Beth Nolan
BCA Student Award - Chris Lowery and Jerry Jarvis
BCA Award - Bob Redd and Bill Lakie (posthumously)


Performing Arts Society Award - Dave and Judy Beveridge, Timothy and Marilyn Kling, and Sue Anstine
Illinois Arts Council Award - Leslie Malpass
BCA Student Award - Marc Francoeur
BCA and Community Service Award - Forrest Wanninger, Howard Parr, and Leslie and Win Malpass


Performing Arts Society Award - Bob & Sue Anstine, Jim & Betty Gamer, Dr. & Mrs. Albert , Petrone, and
Dr.& Mrs. Trevert Gouden.
Illinois Service Award - William Seeback
Community Arts Service Award - Bessie Myers
BCA Student Award - Cindy Brattain
BCA Award - Forrest Suycott, James Magsig, Clifford & Rosa Julstrom and George Goehner