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Board of Directors 2012-2013

Officers 2012-2013

  • President: Lori Bilbrey
  • Vice President: John Vigezzi
  • Secretary: Lisa Johnson
  • Treasurer: Jordan Pounders
  • Membership: Maria Dunstan

Class of 2013

  • Cheryl and Andy Baker
  • Matt Blankenship
  • Charlene Callison and Larry Balsamo
  • Jenny and Tom Claudon
  • Sue and Al DeRoos
  • Jane and Dennis Morrow
  • Erin and James Stegall
  • Kathleen and Sean O'Donnell-Brown
  • Erin and James Stegall

Class of 2014

  • Erika Greer- Aurelio and Larry Aurelio
  • Lori and Curt Bilbrey
  • Diane Cumbie
  • Maria and Tom Dunstan
  • Cricket and Bill Howard
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Mimi and Jordan Pounders
  • Sally and John Vigezzi

Class of 2015

  • Jill and Ben Beck
  • Jeff Brown
  • Nancy and Dan Colvin
  • Kelly and Eric Jameson
  • Julie Murphy
  • Tina and Sterling Saddler
  • Lori Baker-Sperry and Chad Sperry
  • Kathy and Mike Waters

Ex-Officio Members

  • Billy Clow, Dean, Colllege of Fine Arts and Communication
  • Mick Cumbie, Director of Development, College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • Ken Hawkinson, Provost and Academic Vice President, Western Illinois University
  • Mike Inman, Mayor of Macomb
  • Mike Musick, Cultural Events Coordinator
  • Trey Rock, President, Bureau of Cultural Affairs
  • Jack Thomas, President, Western Illinois University

Honorary Directors

  • Gil Belles
  • Andrea and Alfred Boyer

Lifetime Members

  • William and Jacquie Brattain