Museum Studies

WIU Museum Studies Student Testimonials

Date of graduation listed after their names

Ashlie Scott, 2019

WIU has been a great institution to be a part of. My mother is alum from WIU in Macomb. Taking an interest into the campus and the Museum Studies program has been a joy. I have made multiple connections and friends since my arrival at the school exactly a year ago. What started out as a nervous pursuit has now changed into an experience of a lifetime…From success to failure, it was super informative and we all loved the experience and other fun activities we did… I don't think I would have had that chance if it wasn't for the program.

Andrew Kirkland, 2018

"I came to the program after being out of college for 5 years. After working in the field for almost two years, I decided I needed to further my education and I came to WIU because I felt it would be a good fit. The program has proved to be so much more than I expected. I’ve encountered opportunities I never even dreamed of and have added lifetime experiences that I don’t think I could have gotten in other programs. The professors are and challenge us to think about our positions in the world as museum professionals. What makes the program even better are all the museums that are in the area to offer internship and volunteer opportunities. It truly is a gem."

Nic Lybert, 2018

"The Masters of Museum Studies program at WIU offers students the unique experience of formal classroom learning alongside the opportunity to utilize this knowledge with museums across the QC area and beyond. Self-motivated individuals will find that the possibilities to utilize their personal skill set are extensive. I have never found myself surrounded by scholars of such diverse disciplines. This program assists us in learning to work together with the unified goal of civil service."

Kirsten Belisle, 2017

"There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing a museum studies program to join, but if an answer did exist, Western Illinois University's program would be it. The combination of hands-on learning opportunities and classroom-based discussions provides students with the perfect road map for navigating the complex field that is museums. I can honestly say that the time I spent in this program drastically changed my outlook on life as a museum professional as it gave me the skills, knowledge, and connections I needed to successfully pursue my goals."

Mike McMahon, 2017

After graduating from undergraduate studies, I wanted a better understanding of museum studies. Without a moment of pause my adviser suggested Western Illinois University. After being a part of the program for a year and a half, I can see why there was no hesitation. The professors truly have your best interest in mind and will always help guide you and give you the tools to create your own autonomy. The Program’s connections with local museums are incredible and growing. The WIU Museum studies program is right for a student looking for a hands on approach to the understanding the museum profession. The graduate assistantship opportunities are also a plus for those looking to gain experience while making a little money at the same time."

Neville Crenshaw, 2016

The opportunities we had as students learning under practicing professionals like Melissa Mohr at the Figge, or seasoned instructors like Don (McLean), and the constant support we received from Pam (White), made it something I looked forward to every day. My time spent as a co-presenter at the 2016 AMM Conference or leading educational tours through the Quad City Botanical Center are especially fond memories for me… Less than two years later, I received a phone call offering me the position of Special Exhibitions Manager at the Saint Louis Science Center. Words cannot describe that feeling…I wanted a job doing what I loved; I wanted to learn something new every day. I wanted to inspire that thirst for knowledge in others... I couldn’t have done this without the amazing staff at WIU-QC, the wonderful partnerships we had with the Figge and the Putnam, or the tremendous support we had for projects and conferences. I am truly grateful for my time with the MST program!