Summer Music Camps

Katie Lyphout


Katie Lyphout is director of bands at Glenview Middle School in East Moline, Illinois. Prior to her current position, she was director of bands at Carlinville high school. During her career at Western Illinois University, Katie performed as principal euphonium in the wind ensemble, guest conducted the concert and university bands in concert, and served as senior drum major with the Marching Leathernecks. As the student secretary in the University Bands Office, Katie learned the "ins and outs" of running a band program and was instrumental in helping the staff function administratively.
Katie has much experience with the Western Illinois University Summer Music Institute and has been a member of both the counseling and instructional staff. We look forward to Katie's expertise and enthusiasm for our drum major campers during our sessions. 


Mike Fansler


Dr. Mike Fansler is director of bands at Western Illinois University. He began instructing marching bands in 1985 and has directed high school and college marching bands throughout the United States, including the Western Illinois Marching Leathernecks. As an award-winning drum major in high school, he continues to have a passion for helping drum majors achieve a high level of musicianship and respect in the marching band genre. The WIU Marching Band Classic remains one of only a few marching band competitions still respecting the position through the hiring an individual drum major judge with an “outstanding drum major” award given in each class. 
Throughout high school, Dr. Fansler was highly inspired by George N. Parks and twice visited his academies in West Chester, Pa. Mr. Parks even attended his high school graduation party at his Delaware home to “hang out” with him and other drum majors. This passion for the position has never left Dr. Fansler, and the Western Illinois University Drum Major Institute offers the opportunity for you to experience some of that passion. Join Katie and Dr. Fansler at Western this summer and together thoroughly investigate the responsibilities of the position you have been awarded.  – with pride.