Summer Music Institute

Jazz Combo Camp

Date: June 12-17, 2022

Cost: $550

Supervised Commuter (w/ meals) — $65 discount
Unsupervised Commuter (w/o meals) — $135 discount

Camp Directors:

TBA (trumpet), Mr. Matt Hughes (bass), Dr. Kevin Nichols (percussion), Dr. George Turner (guitar), Dr. Charles Chadwell (saxophone)

Jazz Combo Camp will provide students with the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a combo and work with WIU jazz faculty members. Each student will receive group instruction on their individual instrument during sectionals and will have a variety of special interest sessions on topics such as jazz theory, the history of jazz, and improvisation. Students will audition for combo placement on the first day of camp and conclude camps with a culminating performance.

Jazz Audition Music

Jazz Combo Camp Directors