Theatre and Dance

Regional Touring Theatre Company

Due to restructuring the department's Master of Fine Arts Acting program, the RTTC is currently on hiatus.  After 38 years of touring over 80 plays to school students throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, the department is redefining the mission of RTTC.

Our plan is to expand the role of RTTC to provide theatre and drama workshops for not only elementary students, but also to junior and senior high school students who may not be exposed to theatre in their school curriculums.  We want to partner with school districts and provide hands-on, participatory experiences.  Through these workshops, we hope to instill in students how theatre can enrich their lives as adults.  Attending theatre is both entertaining and educational.  Various skills learned through theatrical workshops can apply to a variety of careers over time.  As simple as getting up in front of an audience of their friends in schools would help students participate in civic, political, and social activities as adults, perhaps even encouraging them to become leaders in the future.

The department has been honored to be a small part of our region's school districts by providing productions in the past.  We will be even more honored to help schools by providing hands-on instruction in one of the performing arts.

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