Theatre and Dance

Christopher Martin     



Why did you choose WIU's MFA program in acting?

After receiving an offer from WIU, I decided to do a campus visit to help me make my decision and it immediately clicked that this was the place that I needed to be. Everyone was so welcoming and the level of professionalism and talent that I witnessed was awesome. The curriculum seemed to align with what I wanted to get out of a graduate school and it didn’t hurt at all that there were tons of performance opportunities!

What is it like living in Macomb?

I’m originally from Detroit. So naturally I thought the transition would be horrible, but living in a small town leaves a lot of time to focus on studies, which is needed in any graduate level program. It's also great that there is usually a play or an event almost every weekend, plus Chicago is usually an inexpensive train ride away. So when I find extra time I usually still can find something to do!

Do you work closely with the faculty?

All the professors are willing to take extra time to work with you. I really appreciate knowing that if I need help with something, the faculty is there. There has been countless times, when I’ve seen a professor in the hallway and they’ve made time in their schedule for me at that present moment. Also, the performance faculty and the grad actors have started a new weekly lunch tradition.

How do you manage class work, a graduate assistantship, rehearsals and performance schedules?

Well, I’m definitely busy but it always seems to work out! I always spend a lot of time syncing my calendars to my phone and just taking one event at a time. It also helps to set alerts on my phone when big projects/deadlines are coming up.