Trmbone Studio


Course Syllabi

These are the course descriptions for lower and upper level applied trombone and euphonium study at WIU. The syllabus lets each student know what is expected and required during a semester of study so that they might have a positive experience in the studio and get the most out of each lesson.


The WIU Trombone and Euphonium Studio meets together once each week for Seminar Class. This meeting may take on a number of formats such as a solo class, master class, chamber music reading, or listening/discussion/question and answer sessions about topics that pertain to trombone and euphonium technique or artistry.

Audition Requirements

This is a listing of the recommended repertoire to be prepared if you are interested in auditioning for admittance into the WIU Music Department and the Trombone & Euphonium Studio. Whether you're applying for undergraduate or graduate study, you will find the information you need here.