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WIU's Mock Presidential Debate

The 2012 presidential election is only weeks away and you may all ready know who you’re voting for, but if you’re still undecided you may want to attend WIU’s mock presidential debate on economic issues.

The debate will be Tuesday, October 9 from 5-7 p.m. in Morgan Hall, room 109. Associate Economic Professors William Polley and Thomas Sadler will act as advocates for the presidential candidates, Polley will represent Mitt Romney and Sadler will represent Barack Obama. Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Jonathan Day will moderate the debate.

Polley says the main reason for the debate is to educate people on the economic issues surrounding the election.

“The economy is an issue in every election cycle and one of the most important. It’s really taken on a greater importance this year perhaps because the recovery after the last recession has been rather slow.”

This has stimulated a lot of discussion and debate about disagreements about policies and possible alternatives to them.

This is the first mock debate of its kind and Sadler is expecting to draw a large crowd, “I think the turnout will be really high, it’s going to be a great turnout.”

He says it’s important for students to be involved in a presidential election and the issues involved.

“One of the most important functions we have is to be informed citizens and active in the political process. In order to be informed we have to understand what’s going on in terms of the state of the economy.”

The debate will not be open to question and answer, questions for the debate were pre-submitted by students and the moderator wrote others.

The mock presidential debate is free and open to the public. 

2012 Mock Debate 

democrat and republican symbol

WIU hosting Mock Presidential Debate on economic issues on Oct. 9