Super Fun Night


She was the host of the MTV Movie Awards. You may know her as “Fat Amy” Form the up and coming cult film Pitch Perfect. Now she has her own show on ABC called Super Fun Night. There are right now five episodes on Hulu, and they all are quite a laugh as they say! It will defiantly have you on The Binge.


The show follows Kimmie Boubier (Rebel Willson) who with her two friends Helen-Alice and Maria (Liza Lapira, Lauren Ash) decide that every Friday night is going to be their Super Fun Night. The show also flashes back to the week as Boubier talks to her computer diary about working as a lawyer with her crush Richard Royce (Kevin Bishop) head of her law firm and dealing with her rude devilish coworker Kendal Quinn (Kate Jenkinson).


There are moments of pure hilarity mixed with real lessons. One of my favorite lines in the show was along the lines of winners don’t go to consolation parties there for losers. Basically saying that it’s not always fun to be a winner, especially when you’re Kendall who is an awful winner.


There are laughs real issues and crazy characters that make this show one worth watching. Check it out Super Fun Night and don’t forget your popcorn, this show will have you blurry eyed and satisfied up on The Binge.

Super fun Night