Lazy Learning

Everyone has those days where productivity seems to be out of reach.  Maybe you want to be productive but just can’t muster up the energy or maybe you just feel plain lazy.  Either way, have no fear! Binging on documentaries is a simple solution.  Minimum effort is required when you binge and you gain knowledge on the topic you are watching.  Essentially, you are doing nothing but learning all at once!

 Whether you are a foodie who wants in indulge on the lavish life of fast food (20 MUST-SEE FOOD DOCUMENTARIES) or a political junkie looking to get angry (2012 Political Docs) documentaries come in all shapes and sizes.

 A particularly interesting political documentary is “Hot Coffee.”  This film takes you into the story of the woman who sued McDonalds after her hot coffee split on her.  You might be surprised how serious this case was to the woman and the judicial system. 

 If you are looking for something controversial but with a hint of humor, Bill Maher’s documentary “Religulous” is highly recommended.  It follows are Maher travels around the world taking on religious ideas.  You shadow him to key religious destinations, such as Jerusalem and the Vatican, and watch as he interviews various individuals he meets on the way.

 If you aren’t interested in either one of those, check out “What!? I think I’m an Animal” on logotv.  It interviews numerous individuals who full believe they are animals.

 Regardless of you taste in television, you can’t go wrong with a documentary.  It is a perfect way to keep you binge educational.