Sleepy Hollow


New shows are getting deeper in to their season, around this time we know what shows are going to stay and those that will go. Sleepy Hollow premiered this fall on the Fox network. The show became Fox’s highest rated fall opener in seven season (adweek). I’ve watched ever episode and it will defiantly have you on the Binge


Only four episodes have aired this fall, and it has an amazing hook line and sinker plot. Most know the Legend of  Sleepy Hollow written by Washington Irving, but this truly an original. It doesn’t even relate to the Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow. The leading man is still Ichabod Crane (played by Tom Misoh) and his love Katrina Crane (Katia Winter) is involved as well. The story is truly that of Ichabod and Lt. Abigail Mills (Nicole Beharie).


This version Sleepy Hollow centered on the biblical apocalypse, with a twist. Ichabod is awakened three hundred years into the Future where he meets Lt Mills. Both are key factor in destroying horsemen. Yes in this show not only to we have the headless horsemen to deal with, but also three others. The must find a way to stop them form awaking and start the end of all days.


The chemistry is fantastic between Ichabod and Abbie. The actors really bring to life a very likeable team.  The humor is perfectly timed the writers give Crane a Sherlock Homes quality in solving the riddles. Abigail is smart, but her stubbornness to hold on to reason in the face of the unbelievable makes her a frustrating and compelling character. Sleepy Hollow brings up some political humor as well, seeing as Ichabod did fight in the Revolutionary War it’s only expected this should happen. So catch up or wait this show won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s already been green lit for a second season. So grab some snacks or sit tight either way this show will keep you up all night on the Binge.

Sleepy Hollow