A is for Arab Exhibit

An eight-panel exhibit is preparing to showcase Arabs and Muslims, and how they are displayed in US popular culture. Starting January 13, the panels will be up in the Garden Lounge of Malpass Library. Multiple pop culture mediums, including comic books and movies, will be used to show the, often negative, way Muslims and Arabs are depicted. When these images are shown side-by-side, it is easy to see the clear pattern of negative portrayal.

The exhibit hopes to challenge stereotypical perceptions and national policy.

There will be a reception for the exhibit on Wednesday, January 15, hosted by the Islamic Center of Macomb. Dr. Mohammad Siddiqi, of the English and Journalism Department, will provide a brief introduction at 4:00 pm.

The display will be up until January 24. Any questions should be directed to Janice R. Welsch at jr-welsch@wiu.edu and Tammy Sayles at tj-sayles@wiu.edu.


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