College Students Fighting

At 12:15 there was a fight in the Union. There were two females and a male involved in the altercation. The misunderstanding occurred due to the female stealing a fry from the male.


The male had walked away from his food to have conversations with his fellow classmates. Once he returned he realized that the female was eating a fry that did not belong to her. He confronted her about what he suspects and she confirmed. Then the two individuals started to cause a sense by auguring. Then one of the guy female friends decided to involve her self by telling the female that she was “doing to much”. The female friend then threw a cup of soda on the female. Then the two females started to physically fight. Two males came to break up the fight, and then OPS had arrived on the sense. The younger lady who threw the soda went outside with OPS and placed in the vehicle. The female that stole the fry was walked over to the corner by OPS for more information on what happened. 

Fightinggirls fighting