In the early 2000’s Rapper Jim jones and his record label Rockefeller was one of the richest and hottest in music. Jim jones was recently dropped from his record label due to the label going bankrupt and being sold. Jim jones was on a slow fall that continued to get steeper until 2011 when he was chosen to be on VH1 shoe Love and Hip-Hop. Love and Hip-Hop was hit drawing 2.566 million viewers in the premiere.  In 2012 Jim Jones left the show due to viewer’s lack of interest into his life.  Since then Jim Jones has had many legal problems like his recent DUI. Wednesday night October 2, 2013 Jim Jones was pulled over under suspicion of being under the influence. When officers approach his car they said his eyes were blood shot red and he looked completely out of it. Jim was put through a sobriety test and he failed with flying colors. Sources say Jim refused to take a breathalyzer test at the police station. Jim was booked for driving under the influence of marijuana. There was no word on whether the charges were filed or if he paid his bail.

Jim Jones