Chicago Bears Still Alive for Playoff Hopes

The Chicago Bears are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Their road ahead is manageable with seven games remaining in the regular season. They have three home games left with:

-       Week 11 vs. Baltimore

-       Week 14 vs. Dallas

-       Week 17 vs. Green Bay

All of their upcoming games are winnable given the right circumstances.  In order for the Bears to be successful their defense must “Bear Down.” Also, the Bears must find consistency in a quarterback.  In last week’s loss to Detroit, Cutler made his return from a groin injury.  Unfortunately, he looked timid and could not find his rhythm.  Also, he suffered an ankle injury and will not be playing this Sunday versus the Ravens.  This leaves the task up to Josh McCown, who has showed much promise in his time on the field. Last week he came in for Cutler and took the Bears down the field quickly.

Chicago football is known for their running game.  Matt Forte has been excellent and Chicago must continue to give him the ball.  On the season Forte has 691 rushing yards with seven touchdowns. Injury has plagued the Bears this year, especially in the defense.  Captain Lance Briggs has been out with a shoulder injury, which has really put a damper on the defense.

The away games remaining are winnable:

-       Week 12 at St. Louis

-       Week 13 at Minnesota

-       Week 15 at Cleveland

-       Week 16 at Philadelphia

-       Week 17 at Green Bay

The Bears have already beaten Minnesota and Green Bay. Philadelphia and Cleveland should be a challenge but you must take each game week by week. If our defense can get back to its roots and get to the quarterback the Bears should be fine.

Currently Chicago is in second place in the NFC North, with a record of 5-4.  Green Bay is currently tied with us.  Chicago would win the tie-braker based on a head to head win percentage. It will be a tough road ahead but look for the Bears to go out fighting.

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