Social Networking Storms WIU Campus

On March 25, 2013, WIU became fairly popular on the well known social network, Facebook. The Facebook page name was “WIU Secret Admirer” and within 24 hours it was the talk of campus. The page received more than two-thousand likes on its first day and made it to almost 3,400 by the end of its popularity. Although its last post was on May 2, 2013, a new page has been in hiding well before this one was ever created.

WIU Confessions was made November 6, 2012 and had only a few posts through April 2012. With the new school year a few more posts were added on September 22, 2013. On September 23, it exploded in popularity. As of September 26, 2013, the page now has 6,884 likes and has been posting over a hundred of the juiciest confessions WIU students could remember.

Many people are asking who the mastermind is behind this new page is and only a few know him. He goes by the name of “Bubba” and he has offered a select few students the chance to help him run the page. It is quite time consuming to run such a popular Facebook page and go to school full time.  He even made his own confession and it was quite the hit.

WIU Confessions #200 read: “[Admin exclusive] Alright everyone. I reserved the #200 for my confession. I was with this girl today. I noticed that she pulls her phone out and checks this page every 15 minutes to see if there was any updates. Then she asked me if I heard about this page, I said yes, smiled, but I didn't tell her that I own the page haha.” Bubba has read some of WIU’s deepest and darkest secrets through a free anonymous survey generator, surveymonkey.com, and posted them to the Facebook page.

The page is open to the public and more than just Western is getting in on the confessions. Students from other schools are confessing and commenting on confessions, alumni are getting their claim to fame, and dropouts are telling their stories as well. Even though the page is open to the public, WIU students are racking up confessions. Before, during, and after classes, students are able to access the page on their phones and computers and read the 700 confessions and counting.

According to some posts on the page, students are losing sleep, not paying attention to class, and walking to class with their phones up to their faces all because they want to keep up to date on the latest and greatest Facebook group.

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