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February 2 , 2001 Volume 16, Number 20


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Utility Tunnel Work Continues

The moderating temperatures through January have allowed construction on the Utility Tunnel to proceed at a faster pace. Fully staffed construction crews have been working on both south and north campus throughout the month. Typically, outside construction stops in January and February due to the difficulty of working outside in below freezing temperatures.

South Campus

The walk through tunnel has been completed to the southwest entrance to Seal Hall. Water proofing and backfilling of the walk through tunnel in this area will be completed in the next two weeks. This will allow the reopening of the southeast entrance to Seal and the closing of the southwest entrance so tunnel construction can proceed west along the building. Work will be starting this week weather permitting on the shallow tunnel from Seal to Tillman. The construction of this tunnel which will run along the west edge of Parking Lot 12 will shut off east west pedestrian traffic through the commons areas between Seal and Tillman Halls. Alternate pedestrian traffic routes around the construction will be south of Tillman Hall and north of Seal Hall through Parking Lot 13, these routes will be designated with appropriate signage. Construction of this section of shallow tunnel should be completed in four weeks. Work on placement of an electrical/telecommunications vault west of Seal Hall is scheduled to start next week. Excavation to set this vault will require pushing the pedestrian traffic to the east half of the north/south sidewalk that runs between Seal and Sallee Halls.

North Campus

Crews have completed pouring the floor and wall on the shallow tunnel between Waggoner and Western Halls. Pipe fitters from Ginger Process Piping are installing hangers and pipe to complete the mechanical portion of this tunnel. Waterproofing of the tunnel and backfilling are scheduled to be completed by the end of Februrary at which time the west half of Parking Lot 22 will be reopened to parking. Work is also in progress to enlarge the loop vault south of Western Hall, the construction work in this area has caused no disruption to pedestrian traffic.

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