Campus Connection.

March 25, 2005 Volume 20, Number 14

Western Board Approves Tuition, Fee and Room and Board Hikes For New Students

Western’s Board of Trustees approved tuition, fees and room and board increases for students entering the University in Summer and Fall 2005 at the Board’s meeting March 11.

A tuition increase of 9.5 percent for new students only was adopted. The hike is equivalent to an increase of 3.17 percent per year for those students, while maintaining the University’s cost guarantee program. Students entering Western are guaranteed they will pay the same rate for tuition, fees and on-campus room and board for their four years of continuous enrollment.

Two other tuition rate changes were adopted: reducing the out-of-state undergraduate tuition rate from two times the in-state rate to 1.5 times the Illinois rate and expanding the number of Iowa and Missouri border counties considered as in-state for purposes of Illinois tuition. Border counties added to the in-state rate were Dubuque, Jackson and Clinton in Iowa and Ralls, Pike and Lincoln in Missouri. Already considered as in-state for tuition are the border counties of Scott, Muscatine, Louisa, Des Moines and Lee in Iowa and Clark, Lewis and Marion in Missouri.

A 6.5 percent increase in room and board rates and a fee rate hike of 6.48 percent for incoming students were also approved by the Board. A facilities enhancement and life safety fee of $7 per credit hour was also established for incoming students, effective Fall 2005. The facilities safety fee resources will be used to fund state-mandated sprinkler installation in residence halls and other safety features. The fund may also be used for other student services facilities, such as a multicultural center.

Undergraduate students entering Western in Summer/Fall 2005 will pay $4,968 in annual tuition, based on 15 hours per semester at a $165.60 per semester hour rate. The tuition rate is $151.25 per semester hour for students who entered in Fall 2004, $130.50 per semester hour for students who entered Fall 2003 and $115.50 per semester hour for students who entered in Fall 2002.

The room and board increases for entering students amount to $375 for double occupancy and $450 annually for single occupancy. The student fee allocation for incoming Western-Macomb students is an increase of $142.50 per semester for students with a 15-semester hour schedule. Room, board and fee rates established for entering freshmen are also guaranteed with tuition through the Western cost guarantee.

The Board approved a five-year contract with Laidlaw Education Services, Maryville, for the operation of the University’s GoWest Transit System. The estimated costs in 2005-2006 are $456,668  for the contractor to operate the GoWest fleet of 20 buses on nine routes serving an annual ridership of 1.3 million. A two-year contract for the purchase of Illinois coal for use in the Heating Plant was awarded to ICG Illinois of Williamsville for an estimated annual cost of $650,000 to purchase coal to generate 1.8 million BTU.


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