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News for the WIU Community April 7, 2006   Vol. 21 No. 14

Letter from President Goldfarb

Dear Campus Community,

The outstanding employees of Western Illinois University have been integral to the success we have achieved in the progress toward the institutional goals outlined in our strategic plan, “Higher Values In Higher Education.” These achievements have taken place during challenging budget times with resources which we have constantly prioritized to support our highest institutional goals and objectives.

Providing competitive salaries for all University faculty and staff has been a high priority throughout these budget years and is the highest priority identified in the strategic plan. Working with our collective bargaining units we will continue to negotiate salary schedules which address compensation in the context of comparable higher education institutions.

At this time and in keeping with our strategic plan goals, I am pleased to announce implementation of a market equity salary adjustment program for non -negotiated staff. As promised in my Fall 2005 State of the University address, and working with the endorsement of the Civil Service Employees Council (CSEC) and the Council Of Administrative Personnel (COAP), we are prepared to implement market equity salary adjustments based on longevity in current position and salary compared to peer group averages.

At the start of this fiscal year the leadership of the University set aside funds for contingencies and as a result of the availability of those funds we are able to implement a salary adjustment. It is clear that we have benefited from steady enrollment growth and the reallocation of funds to institutional priorities. As a result we are able to implement market equity adjustments effective May 1, 2006. This enables the individual recipients to receive a base adjustment this year in addition to a projected annual salary increase at the start of the fiscal year July 1, 2006.

Within a few weeks, every non -negotiated staff member will receive a personal letter summarizing the methodology, noting the market adjustment, if any, and their individual calculation based on the institution peer group comparison and employee longevity in current position.

Each employee will also have the opportunity to review their data in case there are discrepancies. The letter will indicate the procedure for employees to follow if they have specific questions regarding the process and their individual analysis.

And as always, I appreciate all of the support I have received from the campus community during these challenging budgetary times. I am particularly pleased that at this time we can provide monetary recognition to many employees with an equity adjustment and I wish to thank the many employees who made implementation of the market salary equity adjustment program possible.

I look forward to working with the University and our host communities in 2006 as we continue to make progress on our strategic plan and goals for Western Illinois University. Salary equity for all University employees is important, and we will continue to support salaries, benefits, and opportunities that attract and retain top faculty and staff as we become the leading comprehensive university in the United States.

All my best wishes for the remainder of the year.
Al Goldfarb, President

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