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News for the WIU Community May 5, 2006   Vol. 21 No. 16

Letter from President Goldfarb: 'Cultural Diversity' to be New Theme

Dear Campus Community,

Through the use of the University theme, our community has joined in a common dialogue, activities, and events over the last four years. These dialogues-both in and outside of our traditional classrooms-strengthen our community as they provide opportunity for all voices to be heard on issues important to all of us: civility, social justice, civic engagement, and global challenges and personal responsibility. Our community embraced this year's theme, "Global Challenges and Personal Responsibility," as seen in the activities of the First Year Experience; campus speakers such as Eric Schlosser, Jerry Greenfield and Juliet Schor; weekly campus dialogues hosted by Western faculty in the University Union and the Art Gallery; and, through the activities of the American Democracy Project.

"Global Challenges and Personal Responsibility" has created a strong foundation by which we will continue our campus dialogues, expand our exploration through our disciplines and foster a community of inclusion, accessibility, and academic success. I am pleased we will continue with the broad framework of "Global Challenges and Personal Responsibility" throughout the 2006-2007 academic year with the emphasis on cultural diversity.

The University Theme Committee believes "Global Challenges and Personal Responsibility-Cultural Diversity" accurately demonstrates a commitment to our University values set forth in the University Strategic Plan: academic excellence, educational opportunity, personal growth and social responsibility. Faculty, staff and students can utilize the theme to infuse these values in academic and student activities. Cultural Diversity, through the lenses of a global challenge, lends itself well to multiple experiences such as group discussions, special speakers, theatre and musical events, and other forms of programming to enable individuals to identify their personal responsibility in meeting the needs of a diverse community. Through coordinated efforts from our First Year Experience program, the American Democracy Project, the ongoing implementation of our University Strategic Plan, and commitment from our faculty, staff and students, our community will explore the global challenges and our personal responsibility specific to cultural diversity to enhance our very own community.

Judith Dallinger, assistant provost for undergraduate studies, will continue to work with the University Theme Committee in conjunction with her leadership of the FYE to ensure the development of multiple shared and common experiences across the campus. I want to express my appreciation to the University Theme Committee under the leadership of Dan Maxwell, director of Student Activities, for their efforts to expand theme program and participation opportunities for the entire campus community. I look forward to seeing many of you at these events throughout the next year.

Sincerely, Alvin Goldfarb

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