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News for the WIU Community September 1, 2006   Vol. 22 No. 2

President Goldfarb’s Letter on Health Issue

Dear Campus Community,

I am writing to explain why I will be away from campus for medical reasons during November and December. I recently met with physicians in Bloomington and at the Mayo Clinic after results of a biopsy, following a routine follow-up examination, revealed that I have cancerous cells in my prostate.

I have been assured by the specialists in Bloomington and at Mayo that they are optimistic regarding complete recovery after surgery. Both doctors indicated that my cancer is common and highly treatable. They also noted that the chances of the disease spreading rapidly are low. Both specialists recommended surgery in order to try to prevent any recurrence of the cancer.

I have scheduled my surgery at Mayo (using the latest in robotics) on October 31. While I anticipate a fairly rapid recovery period, I will not return to campus until immediately after Jan. 1. I believe this is the best time for me to have the surgery and to take additional time to recuperate. Given my temperament, I know I might be tempted to return or do too much too soon.

Following a post-surgical stay in Rochester, I will recuperate in Bloomington and Hilton Head. However, I expect to continue to remain in constant contact with the campus via e-mail and phone.

I am making the announcement of my surgery this early because I will be required to make changes to my November and December appointments schedule. According to Board of Trustee policy, Provost Joe Rallo will be assuming my responsibilities during my medical absence. I will, of course, also stay in touch with him and monitor campus issues via e-mail and phone.

Please know that Elaine and I appreciate your understanding and support. I look forward to handling all of my duties through the end of October and then returning for the spring semester.

All my best wishes,
Al Goldfarb

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