Campus Connection: May 04, 2007 • Vol. 22, No. 15

More than 190 Employees Recognized for Service

More than 190 Western Illinois University employees were honored at the annual Employee Service Recognition Reception held on campus April 24. Employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service were recognized and six employees received community service and distinguished service awards.

The Community Service Award–Administrative recipient was Bev Baker, a research and technical consultant in University Computer Support Services. Baker is an active member of the Friends of Argyle State Park, the Macomb Online Safety Team and the Girl Scouts Two Rivers Council.

The Community Service Award – Civil Service recipient was Sean O’Donnell-Brown, a procedures and systems analyst II for Document and Publication Services. O’Donnell-Brown has been an active member of the Macomb Band Boosters organization since 2002. He currently serves as the group’s vice president and maintains the band program’s website, which he also created.

The Distinguished Service Award–Administrative recipient was Kristi Mindrup, assistant director to the associate provost at WIU-Quad Cities.

The Distinguished Service Award –Civil Service recipients were Deann Combites, deputy director, Office of the Registrar; Pam Hines, staff secretary, University Libraries; and Debbie Wiley, secretary IV, political science. For full descriptions sent in by their nominators, see the April 25 news release at

Employees honored by years of service include:

40 Years:

Larry Balsamo, history; Marietta Dean, music; Harold Edwards, biological sciences; Bruce Engnell, agriculture; Elvin Hodges, University Information Management Systems.

35 Years:

Don Campbell, mathematics; Daniel Colvin, English; Kathleen Deann Combites, registrar; Jutta Helm, political science; Raymond Majeres, psychology; Kenneth Mietus, sociology/ anthropology; Anne Myers, Beu Health Center; Paula Rhodes, admissions; Alphons Richert, psychology; Anita Werling, music.

30 Years:

Judith Baars, nontraditional programs; Jack Bailey, geology; Bonnie Barker, University Relations; Thomas Bridge, engineering technology; Peter Calengas, geology; Patricia Cortelyou, University Information Management Systems; Janet Gabbert, foundation and development; Pamela Hines, University Libraries; Deborah John, physical plant; Virginia Leonard, history; John Maguire, University Relations; Siyoung Park, geography; Rodney Rouse, transportation services; Debbie Summers, billing and receivables; Janice Wayland, financial aid; James Wilson, visual production center; Daniel Wise, geography; Paula Wise, psychology.

25 Years:

Linda Chockley, billing and receivables; Kathy Coats, physical plant; Sue Collins, University Union; Thomas Drinka, agriculture; Michael Duffie, physical plant; Bonnie Elder, planning, budget and institutional research; Barbara Grindstaff, curriculum library; Egla Hassan, theatre and dance; William McCamey, law enforcement and justice administration; Susan McCombs, kinesiology; Candace McLaughlin, advising and academic support center; Bertha Morrow, College of Fine Arts and Communication; Frederick Randolph, health sciences; Lorena Saxton, advising and academic support center; Fred Seaton, University Computer Support Services; Susan Thorman, University Management Information Systems; Carolyn VanOrder, University Housing and Dining Services; John Wozniak, sociology/anthropology; Pamela Wright, health sciences.

20 Years:

Samson Adeleke, mathematics; Althea Alton, biological sciences; Thomas Alton, biological sciences; Patricia Battles, Honors College; Ronald Bauerly, marketing and finance; Shirley Bytner, kinesiology; Terry Carley, Center for Best Practices; Mary Lea Castlebury, business services; Janine Cavicchia, Women’s Center; John Chuvala III, law enforcement and justice administration; Gregory Stuart Clauson, human resources; Katherine Dahl, University Libraries; Jeffery Dunn, physical plant; Deanna Forney, college student personnel; Joseph Fosu, economics; Teresa Goodell, billing and receivables; Pamela Griswold, financial aid; Frances Hainline, African American studies; Jerry Hollenback, office of public safety; John Holtz, Tri States Public Radio; Kathryn Lantz, sponsored projects; Michael McGowan, recreation, park and tourism administration; Cathy McMillan, kinesiology; Penelope Mulconrey, mathematics; Marie Beth Oakley, student services; George Peek, accountancy; Lucia Peek, accountancy; Cynthia Ridle, communication; Sharon Riley, University Information Management Systems; Joella Roche, Beu Health Center; Candace Rosene, mathematics; Diane Sayers, human resources; Carol Schneider, Center for Best Practices; Mohammad Siddiqi, English and journalism; John K. Simmons, philosophy and religious studies; Ronald Terry, chemistry; Linda Tomlinson, Center for the Preparation of Education Professionals; L. Therese Trotochaud, English; Nader Vakil, mathematics; Anne Whited, computer science; Donna Williams, registrar; Anne Wilson, University Relations; Candace Winters- March, dance and theatre; Darlene Young, kinesiology.

15 Years:

Karl Dale Adkins, recreation, park and tourism administration; Fred Anderson, physical plant; Denise Brakefield, theatre and dance; Joan Brenner, financial aid; Tammy Carson, document and publication services; Stanley Clayton, University Union; Joseph Coleman, physical plant; Marie Coleman, physical plant; Teresa Coplan, communication; Carol Dennhardt, Tri States Public Radio; Sheila Downin, human resources; David Eckerly, student legal services; John Graham, art gallery; Carrie Keeney, billing and receivables; Roger Kent, university television; Sandra Kessler, dietetics, fashion merchandising and hospitality; George King, document and publication services; Connie Lankford, transportation services; Heather Marshall, Beu Health Center; Douglas Menke, University Computer Support Services; John Miller, physical plant; Amelia Nortrup, career services; Sean O’Donnell-Brown, document and publication services; John Pontifex, University Information Management Systems; Roger Phoenix, physical plant; Teresa Simmons, English; Nancy Stoneking, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals; Terry Twaddle, office supplies store; Kimberlee Wisslead, Center for the Application of Information Technologies; Dean Zoerink, recreation, park and tourism administration.

10 Years:

Andrea Allison, WIU-Quad Cities; Mark Anselment, physical plant; Daniel Anderson, physical plant; Alan Andrews, physical plant; L. James Bennett, College of Business and Technology; Krista Bowers Sharpe, University Libraries; Jack Brown, University Computer Support Services; Thomas Clark, office of public safety; Marlin E. Danner, telecommunications; Christopher David, WIU-QC; Gloria Delany- Barmann, educational and interdisciplinary studies; Michael DeWitt, physical plant; Isaac Dunlap; University Libraries; Robert Emmert, student services; Monica Eskridge, admissions; Randall Faust, music; Terry Fecht, payroll; Thomas Finley, WIU-QC; James Ford, physical plant; Janice Gates, management; Ralph Graham, kinesiology; Roger Grate, physical plant; Stephen Gray, management; Rodney Greer, College of Education and Human Services; Kimberly Hartweg, mathematics; Donald Healy Jr., special education; Oliver Heaton, physical plant; David Herbst, physical plant; Bridget Hiel, University Union; Scott Holt, biological sciences; Stacie Hunt, University Information Management Systems; Eric Johnson, athletics; Kristine Kelly, psychology; Robert Leach, physical plant; Robert Lewis, physical plant; Gary Litchfield, physical plant; Marietta Loehrlein, agriculture; Michael Lucas, physical plant; Peter McMeekan, office of public safety; Kathleen Miller, psychology; Kristi Mindrup, WIU-QC; Roberta Moore, broadcasting; Russell Morgan, psychology; Eldon Morrison, physical plant; Leslie Mose, WIU-QC; Vian Neally, student development and orientation; Yvonne Oliver, music; Danette Phelps, art; Ellen Poulter, English; Ann Randall, University Information Management Systems; Timothy Rericha, University Computer Support Services; Alice Robertson, English; Barbara Ruane, WIU-QC; Michael Rusher, physical plant; Christine Schaill, accounting office; Donna Schroeder, WIU-QC; Brice Shake, Center for the Application of Information Technologies; Nathaniel Sloan, physical plant; Nancy Still, College of Education and Human Services; Paul Sweet, Center for the Application of Information Technologies; Kristine Terry, provost’s office; Julie Terstriep, campus recreation; Nancy Thomson, health sciences; Russell Thomas, physical plant; Murali Venugopalan, Center for International Studies; Thottumkara K. Vinod, chemistry; Bruce Walters, art; Cheryl Westen, accountancy; Barry Witten, curriculum and instruction; Martha Youngmeyer, planning, budget and institutional planning.