Campus Connection: Mar. 7, 2008 • Vol. 23 , No. 10

Board of Trustees to Review Cost Increases for New Students

The Western Illinois University Board of Trustees will consider a 7.4 percent increase in all costs (tuition, fees and room and board) for new undergraduate students entering the University in Summer and Fall 2008 at the March 7 meeting in the University Union Capitol Rooms.

“The 7.4 percent increase in all costs, which translates to less than 2 percent per year, maintains Western’s tradition of access and affordability,” noted WIU President Al Goldfarb. “We are the only university in the state that includes room and board in our cost guarantee. This approach allows students—and parents—the ability to set a financial plan for college. Students entering in Summer and Fall 2008 will not face another cost increase in tuition, fees or room and board during their four years of enrollment at WIU.”

If approved by the board, undergraduate students entering Western in Summer/Fall 2008 will be charged $6,456 in annual tuition, based on 15 hours per semester at $215.20 per semester hour rate. The tuition rate is $196.50 per semester hour for students who entered in Fall 2007, $181.30 per semester hour for students who entered in Fall 2006 and $165.60 per semester hour for students who entered Fall 2005. Graduate tuition for students entering in Fall 2008 will be $237.34 per semester hour compared to $216.70 for graduate students who entered in Fall 2007.

Yearly room and board increases for entering students to be reviewed by the Board include $312 for double occupancy ($7,210 compared to $6,898 for Fall 2007) and $680 for single occupancy ($8,950 compared to $8,270 for Fall 2007). The student fee plan for incoming Western-Macomb students recommendation includes an increase of $188.40 per year for students with a 15-hour schedule per semester. The fee schedule for new WIU-Quad Cities students with a 15-hour schedule per semester will be decreased by $6.

In 1999, Western established the Cost Guarantee program in which students entering are guaranteed they will pay the same rate for tuition, fees and on-campus room and board for their four years of continuous enrollment. Western’s Cost Guarantee is the only public university program in Illinois that ensures no increases in fees and room and board in addition to the Illinois statutory requirement of guaranteed four-year tuition rates. Western also offers the Cost Guarantee for graduate students enrolled in a degree program, as well as to transfer students earning an associate’s degree. Those students who transfer to WIU the following semester upon completing their associate’s degree will receive the previous year’s cost guarantee rates.

In addition, the Board will consider extending the Cost Guarantee to students who will enroll in two new integrated baccalaureate/master’s degree programs (accountancy and computer science), which will begin in Fall 2008. The integrated degree programs provide the opportunity for undergraduates to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years. Students enrolled in the integrated programs will be assessed costs for the bachelor’s degree portion of their program under the undergraduate Cost Guarantee, and will be assessed costs for the master’s portion of the program at the graduate level tuition and fee rates using the cost plan the student enrolled in as an undergraduate.