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Campus Connection Submissions for Dec. 17, 2010

Civil Service Personnel Changes

New Employees

  • Allen, Terry, stationary fireman helper, Heating Plant, 12/13/10. Heating Plant, Phone: 298-1200.
  • Carden, John, procedures and systems analyst II, Business Services, 12/16/10. 218 Sherman Hall, Phone: 298-1811.
  • Crosier, Michelle, staff nurse II, Beu Health Center, 12/13/10. Beu Health Center, Phone: 298-1888.
  • Deener, Doug, stationary fireman helper, Heating Plant, 11/22/10. Heating Plant, Phone: 298-1200.
  • Dodds, Raymond, fireman stationary helper, Heating Plant, 11/29/10. Heating Plant, Phone: 298-1200.
  • Gale, Robert, pipefitter, Building and Mechanical Maintenance P&F, 11/22/10. Physical Plant, Phone: 298-2873.
  • Handy, David, application programmer II, Administrative Information Management Systems, 11/8/10. 212 Sherman Hall, Phone: 298-1944.
  • Keithley, Courtni, medical transcriptionist I, Beu Health Center, 11/15/10. Beu Health Center, Phone: 298-1888.
  • Shimmin, Leah, nurse practitioner, Beu Health Center, 1/27/2011. Beu Health Center, Phone: 298-1888.


  • Mercer, Deborah, library assistant, University Libraries, promoted to an application programmer II, Administrative Information Management Systems, 11/29/10.
  • Phelan, Judith, pharmacist, Beu Health Center, promoted to pharmacy supervisor, Beu Health Center, 11/1/10.

Name Change

  • Thompson, Julia, library specialist, University Libraries, 11/22/10. Former Name: Julia Forrester.
  • Kapraun, Carina, construction project coordinator I, Facilities Planning and Construction, 10/25/10. Carina Welker.


  • Inghram, Steven, maintenance worker, Building Mechanical Maintenance, 10/14/10.
  • Wells, Dennis, civil engineer III, Physical Plant Administration, 11/30/10.
  • Woolam, Vicky, payroll manager, Payroll Office, 10/31/10.

Grants & Contracts

  • Karen Mauldin-Curtis, IIRA—$10,000 in supplemental funding from various sources for "Peace Corps Fellows Community Contributions."
  • Andrea Porras-Alfaro, biological sciences—$35,730 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for "Monitoring Fungal Communities and Occurrence of White-Nose Bat Syndrome on Endangered Bats in Illinois."  
  • Dorie Vallillo, WIUM/WIUW—$165,475 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for "Radio Community Service 2011."


Professional Activities

  • Jamie Bochantin, communication, had a co-authored article, "Opposition, Separation, Imbalance and Tough Similarities: Blue-Collar Employees’ Work/Life Metaphors" in "Qualitative Research Reports in Communication." Bochantin also facilitated a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) training workshop on networking techniques at Kolb + Company accounting firm in Milwaukee, (WI).
  • Virginia Broffitt and Tammie Walker, music, presented a recital consisting of Latin music by Silva, Guarnieri, Mower, and Piazzolla and taught a master class at Eastern Illinois University on Nov. 29. Walker, piano, was also one of five music faculty, including Jeffrey Brown piano; Michael Ericson, oboe; Istvan Szabo, viola; and John Vana saxophone to serve as adjudicators in the 2010 Music Teachers National Associaton (MTNA) and Missouri Music Teachers Association (MMTA) Competitions, held Nov. 4-7 at Truman State University, Kirksville, (MO).
  • Rich Cangro, music education, presented "Confidently Assessing Music Performances" at the state conference of the Illinois Music Teachers Association held at Northern Illinois University. He also was a guest lecturer in the session "Profound Music Education: Advocacy, Standards, and 21st Century Skill" for the music education convocation.  
  • Keith Holz, art history, presented "Recasting Exiled Artists Groups as Transnational Diasporic Communities" at the “Netzwerke des Exils. Künstlerische Verflechtungen, Austausch und Patronage nach 1933" conference held Nov. 12-14 at Munich’s Institute for Advanced Study (Ludwig-Maximillian-Universität). His work was highlighted in a review of the conference published by Kilian Trotier in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 17.XI.2010, p. N4.
  • Chris Lapka, music, presented "Including Special Learners: It Was Greek to Me" at the Wisconsin State Music Conference in October.
  • Stacey Macchi, communication, has been inducted as an honorary member into Phi Eta Sigma honor society for first-year college and university students in all disciplines.  
  • John Miller, communication, was elected vice president of the Illinois Federation of Teachers during the IFT Convention in October.
  • Moises Molina, music, conducted the junior orchestra for the elementary through high school level District IV Music Festival held Nov. 6 and hosted by WIU.
  • Richard Ness, broadcasting, had the article "Prelude to Moore: A Comparison of Rhetorical Techniques in Frank Capra’s 'Why We Fight' Series and Michael Moore’s 'Fahrenheit 9/11'" published in the anthology "Michael Moore: Filmmaker, Newsmaker, Cultural Icon," edited by Matthew Bernstein and published by The University of Michigan Press.
  • Vince Palacios, art, has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Niche Awards Competition for professional craft artists actively involved in the design and production of craftwork supplied to galleries and/or craft stores. His work has also been accepted into the juried "Alchemy: From Dust to Form" exhibition at the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida, Gainesville.
  • Nicholas Pano, history emeritus, served as chair and discussant for the panel  "Perspectives on Albania's Post-Communist Transition: 1990-2010" and as discussant for the panel "Albania and Kosovo: Small State Actors in Cold War and Post-Cold War Power Struggles, 1948-2008" at the Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Nov 18-21 in Los Angeles, (CA).
  • Matt Myers and Terry Rathje, art, displayed metal sculptures made of recycled and repurposed materials at the "Malleable Manifestations" exhibit held Oct. 22-Nov. 27. at the West Central Illinois Arts Center, Macomb. 
  • Timothy Roberts, history, co-authored the article "Construction of National Identities in Early Republics: A Comparison of the American and Turkish Cases," which was published in the Journal of the Historical Society 10 (December 2010):  507–531.
  • Matt Warnock, music, toured with the La Guitarra Trio consisting of Interlochen Arts Academy professor Brad DeRoche and Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Guitar Chair Matthew Schroeder, playing and teaching at Quincy University, WIU, The Chicago High School for the Arts, Oakton College and the Wisconsin Conservatory, Nov. 22-26. Warnock also spent Thanksgiving break in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where he performed and taught at the Pro Music Academy in Belo Horizonte, The Opera House and the Federal University in Ouro Preto and in Sao Joao Del Rey. Warnock also performed on a live program on TV Horizonte that discussed jazz history and the future of the genre. He was also contracted to rewrite the four levels of guitar curriculum for the Pro Music Academy during the coming year.
  • Jeannie Woods, theatre and dance, presented a theatre production, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)" at the Shanghai Theatre Academy as part of the 2010 Eastern Comedy Performances of the 12th China Shanghai International Arts Festival.  Her company, the Starry Night Repertory Theatre, also performed the play at the Centennial Theatre at Peking University in Beijing, China. Woods directed the production (which was also presented on the WIU campus) and was coordinator of the tour. Woods also presented a guest lecture at the China Eastern Normal University and taught a workshop for the students of the Shanghai Theatre Academy about the production of "Complete Works."
  • Dean Zoerink and Dan Yoder, RPTA, with co-author Juan Martinez-Tortosa, University of Alicante, Spain, had the paper "The Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation Experiences for People with Alzheimer's Disease" published in the Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, Volume 19, 2011.

    Several communication faculty presented work at the National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Conference in November in San Francisco, (CA):
  • Jamie Bochantin, "'Tornadoes,' 'Roller Coasters' and 'Escaping Alcatraz': Examining Work-Family Metaphors Used By Public Safety Employees and Their Families.'"
  • Chris Carpenter, (co-author), “In Search of the Elusive Boomerang Effect”; "A Simulation of a Dynamic Theory of Reasoned Action With Implications for the Fit of the Cross-sectional Theory of Reasoned Action"; "Harnessing the Power of Superdiffusers in Interpersonal Networks to Cause Positive Health Behavior Changes"; "Asking the Right Questions Improves Deception Detection Accuracy"; "The Impact Of Accusatory, Non-Accusatory, Bait, And False Evidence Questioning In Deception Detection"; "Political Influentials: Validation of the Political Superdiffuser Scale"; and "The Effect of Test-Taking Venue and Test Format on Political Knowledge Test Performance.
  • Pete Jorgensen, “Using the Triune Brain Theory in the Development of the Training and Development Course: Lessons your Brain Wants You to Learn!” Jorgensen was also elected co-chair of NCA’s Training and Development Division for 2010-2011.
  • Stacey Macchi and Cindy Ridle, "G.I.F.T.S (Great Ideas for Teaching Speech) session “Who Done It? Connecting Murder Mysteries to the Communication Classroom.”
  • Bree McEwan, “The Social Integration Through Maintenance Model: A Study of Newly-Formed Friendship Networks.”  
  • Doshik Yun (co-author), "Effects of Injunctive Norms, Resistance to Peer Pressure, and Self-efficacy on Attitude toward Abstinence" and "Temporal Distance and Behavioral Intentions Critical to Organ Donation."