Campus Connection

Campus Connection Submissions for Dec. 17, 2010

Civil Service Personnel Changes

New Employees

  • Allen, Terry, stationary fireman helper, Heating Plant, 12/13/10. Heating Plant, Phone: 298-1200.
  • Carden, John, procedures and systems analyst II, Business Services, 12/16/10. 218 Sherman Hall, Phone: 298-1811.
  • Crosier, Michelle, staff nurse II, Beu Health Center, 12/13/10. Beu Health Center, Phone: 298-1888.
  • Deener, Doug, stationary fireman helper, Heating Plant, 11/22/10. Heating Plant, Phone: 298-1200.
  • Dodds, Raymond, fireman stationary helper, Heating Plant, 11/29/10. Heating Plant, Phone: 298-1200.
  • Gale, Robert, pipefitter, Building and Mechanical Maintenance P&F, 11/22/10. Physical Plant, Phone: 298-2873.
  • Handy, David, application programmer II, Administrative Information Management Systems, 11/8/10. 212 Sherman Hall, Phone: 298-1944.
  • Keithley, Courtni, medical transcriptionist I, Beu Health Center, 11/15/10. Beu Health Center, Phone: 298-1888.
  • Shimmin, Leah, nurse practitioner, Beu Health Center, 1/27/2011. Beu Health Center, Phone: 298-1888.


  • Mercer, Deborah, library assistant, University Libraries, promoted to an application programmer II, Administrative Information Management Systems, 11/29/10.
  • Phelan, Judith, pharmacist, Beu Health Center, promoted to pharmacy supervisor, Beu Health Center, 11/1/10.

Name Change

  • Thompson, Julia, library specialist, University Libraries, 11/22/10. Former Name: Julia Forrester.
  • Kapraun, Carina, construction project coordinator I, Facilities Planning and Construction, 10/25/10. Carina Welker.


  • Inghram, Steven, maintenance worker, Building Mechanical Maintenance, 10/14/10.
  • Wells, Dennis, civil engineer III, Physical Plant Administration, 11/30/10.
  • Woolam, Vicky, payroll manager, Payroll Office, 10/31/10.

Grants & Contracts

  • Karen Mauldin-Curtis, IIRA—$10,000 in supplemental funding from various sources for "Peace Corps Fellows Community Contributions."
  • Andrea Porras-Alfaro, biological sciences—$35,730 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for "Monitoring Fungal Communities and Occurrence of White-Nose Bat Syndrome on Endangered Bats in Illinois."  
  • Dorie Vallillo, WIUM/WIUW—$165,475 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for "Radio Community Service 2011."


Professional Activities