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Amato, Maria
Anderson, Kali Spring 2004
Andres, Ginny Fall 2004
(Austin) Morrison, Erin Fall 2002 Moved to Tennessee in January 2006 to obtain a master's degree in Criminology. Currently resides in Knoxville, TN, and works for the Knox County District Attorney General's Office as a Victim/Witness Coordinator for one of the criminal courts. Married a wonderful man on May 21, 2010!
Avila, Marlene Fall 2003 Teaching first grade in Chicago, Illinois. Loving the job and pursuing a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University.
Bair, Tifini Fall 1999 Working as a personal trainer at an all-women's gym in Florida, and loving what she does!
(Baker) Weemer, Megan Spring 1996 Married and has a two-year-old son named Payton. Teaches exercise science at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois, and is the women's tennis coach at Benedictine University in Lisle.
Barna, Christy Fall 1999
(Barney), Gustafson Kristen Fall 1999 First grade teacher for Huntley School District 158 since 2004. Married husband Scott on November 11, 2006. Just bought a house in Algonquin/Lake in the Hills area. Loves the 'burbs!
Batten, Jessica Fall 2004 Working downtown at; moving to the city soon!
Bauer, Alyssa Fall 2002
Bauer, Kathleen Fall 2003
Baum, Kathryn Fall 2002
Beane-Jones, Tiffany Spring 1992 An artist specializing in realistic and stylized fine art, and drawn and portrait paintings of people (private sector - children/adults; corporate portraits - medical, judicial, political, education, religious, business, etc.; and pets - dogs, cats and horses). Also teaches art classes to children and adults, and works as a photographer. Visit my blog at Also a wife, and mom to a three-year-old son. Currently located in Springfield, Illinois.
Beilfuss, Karen Fall 2002 Student teaching in the fall for grades 3/4.
Beltran, Astrid Spring 2006
Bender, Leanne Fall 1997
(Benjamin) Strauch, Allyson Fall 1996 Mommy to two boys, Carson (2) and Dawson (1). Married, working at the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. Will soon graduate with a master's degree in elementary education from Benedictine University.
(Berberek) Vistein, Patricia Fall 1970 Married Jeff Vistein in 1974. After graduation, worked for an investment banking firm in Chicago, Illinois and an oil and gas company in San Antonio, Texas. Moved to Austin, Texas in 1983. Over the course of the next 23 years, worked in the Governor's Office (Special Assistant), Texas Workforce Commission (Director, Human Resources Management), Texas Department of Human Service (Deputy Commissioner), and Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (Manager, Support Services).  Retired in 2005 and moved to Tyler, Texas.  Enjoys gardening, traveling, and golfing. 
(Bilica) Brodnick, Erin Fall 1993 Married John Brodnick in 1999. Welcomed daughters, Abby (6/2000) and Natalie (3/2004). Currently living in Naperville, Illinois and working as an audiologist at Loyola!
(Billings) Castle, Laura Fall 1991 Had a baby boy, Carter Duffy Castle, on March 19, 2006. Is now working as a Senior Manager of Project Management at 
(Bober) Sullivan, Caroline Spring 2002 Finished grad school from NIU in 2008 with a master's degree in education. Works as a first grade teacher and absolutely loves her job! Recently bought a home in North Aurora. Married in April 2011 and had a baby boy, Christian, in June 2012!
(Bowen) Read, Tara
Boyd, Melissa Fall 2002 Recently took a position at John Deere's World Headquarters, located in Moline, Illinois, as a Staffing Specialist. Loves her job! Is living with boyfriend Eric and looking into attending graduate school in 2009.
Brady, Laura
(Brandenberg) Hutchison, Sarah
Branum, Nicole Spring 2001 Living in Ellsworth, Illinois, and works for the Illinois Farm Bureau. Serves as an advisor for the Lambda Rho chapter of Delta Zeta at Illinois State University.
(Brennan) Hansen, Shawn Spring 1993 Married Jeff in 2001. Working as a realtor for Coldwell Banker in Algonquin, Illinois. Also the owner of Lucky Paws Pet Sitting. Has a yellow and a chocolate lab.
Brochu, Laura Spring 2003 Sales representative for City Beverage-Budweiser out of Arlington Heights, Illinois.
(Browne) Curtis, Claudia Fall 1969
(Brown) Hackl, Cindy Fall 1995 Opened her own business. Has a baby girl named Ashlee.
(Brunett) Barker, Kara Spring 1997 Married Ross Barker in September 2005 and has an 18-month-old daughter, Jessica Amie. Currently working at a tradeshow engineering company as Senior Project Manager, and has been doing that for seven years now.
(Buck) McWhirter, Carrie Spring 1985 Filling out registration materials for her oldest, Meagan, to attend WIU for the fall 2009 semester. Doesn't seem like that long ago since she was at WIU as well! Also has three boys, so is always busy.
(Buckley) Curtis, Lauren Spring 2001 Moved to Peoria, Illinois and excited about being close enough to attend all alumnae events! Working in design sales for a granite company. Expecting first baby with husband of two years Shain Curtis (WIU Sig Tau alum), due at the end of September 2008.
Burge, Steph
(Burger) Dodt, Jenny Spring 1996 Married in 2002 and welcomed first child, Aubrey Claire, in December 2005. Working in St. Louis, Missouri, as a Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for Ther-RX. Still keep in contact daily with Angie Cox and Renee Jacquot (Fall 1993). Sends a shout out to all those crazy Spring '96 Turtles - remembers those times like it was yesterday!
Butson, Kelsey Spring 2005 After graduating WIU in May 2007, Kelsey went to NYC for an internship
with Lacoste USA. In September, she moved and is currently working for Lacoste in the Merchandising department. She misses all her DZs and says to keep in touch!!
(Calderone) Solis, Cara Fall 1992 Has been married to wonderful husband Raul since November 18, 2000. The two have a daughter, Chloe, who was born November 10, 2001. She has a rare disease known as INAD; check out her Web site here. Also has a wonderful son named Reme who was born April 27, 2006. Was a Cook County probation officer until her daughter fell ill; now a stay-at-home mom.
(Campbell) Williams, Jennifer
(Capp) Flood, Jennifer Spring 1992 Currently living in Naperville, Illinois and working in the Retirement Group at Merrill Lynch.
Carrick, Emily Fall 1999 Working as the Prevention Coordinator for the Lee County Health Department, educating children on smoking, drugs and alcohol, as well as writing grants and collaborating with several coalitions within the county.
(Carroll) Runte, Eileen Fall 1992 Married Matt in 1997 and has two daughters, Kaylee (12/13/02) and Riley (7/10/06). Working as a social worker in Rockford, Illinois.
Chapman, Megan Fall 1999
Chibucos, Amber Fall 2004 Working as an editor for Career Education Cooperation in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Previously worked as an associate editor for a Chicago visitors' guide.
Clark, Amber Fall 2002
Clark, Natalie Spring 2003
(Coconate) Johnson, April
(Comer), Buchanan, Amy Fall 1990 Married with three children, and works part-time as a truancy outreach worker.
(Cook) Killebrew, Emily Fall 2000 Married Kyle Killebrew (also a WIU grad) in July 2004. Just finished graduate school with a degree in speech pathology. Now living in Springfield, Illinois, and working for a hospital in outpatient pediatric rehabilitation.
Cowman, Praise Spring 2004
(Cox) Ryan, Angie Fall 1993 Married with two-year-old twins and one on the way in October 2007.
(Cox) Stodolkiewicz, Angela
(Crabtree) Salisbury, Shelby Spring 1998 Living in Kewanee, Illinois, where she has taught special education for five years in the Bureau Valley School District. Married Scott Salisbury in November 2002 and had their first child, Carter, in November of 2003. Welcomed daughter Kate Jennifer in May 2006.
Custer, Stephanie Fall 2001
Dahl, Kate
(Dahlbe) Karl, Kristin Fall 1990 Just stopped working and decided to become a full-time mom to her two sons.
(Danz) Clyde, Jamie Spring 2003 Graduated in December 2005 and bought a house with husband in February 2006! Keeping busy, but can't help but miss WIU - mostly the girls of Delta Zeta.
Davis, Christina Fall 2005 Living in Springfield, Illinois, and expecting a baby BOY August 18, 2010 (Connor James) with husband. Going back to school for a degree in nursing to go along with Health Services Management degree from Western. 
Davis, Meagen Fall 2005
(DeBackere) Knupp, Claya Spring 1997 Working at John Deere World Headquarters in Moline, Illinois in HR. Still living in Orion, Illinois. Welcomed a daughter, Avery, on July 27, 2006, and expecting baby #2 in January 2009.
(DeBoer) McCormick, Jenni
(Degenhardt) Jacobs, Cara Fall 2003 Married Mike Jacobs, a high school PE teacher and soccer coach, in November 2009. As of June 2010, will be a certified elementary school teacher, hoping to find a teaching job in the fall. Also saving up to buy a house with Mike!
(Del Giorno) Jones, AnnMarie Fall 1992 Expecting first baby in April (don't know what the sex is yet) and are very excited.
Dietz, Jen Spring 2002
(Diotte) Leetz, Tina Fall 1991 Substitute teaching at Riverdale Elementary and Middle School in Port Byron, Illinois. Has two little boys, one going into sixth grade and one going into third.
Dixon, Jamie Fall 2000 Working with Chico's and Black House Black Market as the assistant manager of the Deerpark (Illinois) store.  Remains with boyfriend of five years.
Dixon, Stacey Fall 2005 Completed an internship with Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles, and now looking for a full-time job. Missing her DZs everyday!
Dolan, Becca Fall 1999 Teaching special education at the high school level and coaching cheerleading.
(Downs) Beck, Kara Fall 1994 Living in Louisville, Kentucky. Relocated for a position in animal health.
(Drevalas) Goldstone, Kim Spring 2000 Moved back to Naperville, Illinois after graduating and married Jeff Goldstone (also a WIU alum) in 2007, with whom she has a beautiful little girl named Lexi and another due August 2010!
(Duffy) Mallett, Kristen Spring 1997 Daughter Olivia is now 15 months old and the light of her life! Lives in Wauconda, Illinois, and works full-time at Abbott Laboratories as a Group Senior Financial Analyst. Has been with Abbott for nearly six years. Keeps in touch with many sorority sisters, and is proud to say that her little cousin is now pledging Delta Zeta at NIU (she loves it)! If any active members take a road trip, look up Sheri Divito! 
Dunne, Maggie Spring 2003
Early, Bridget Fall 2003 Moved to Washington, D.C. Currently interning with Congressman Phil Hare (IL-17) and rocking out.
(Esposito) Moeller, Vikki  Fall 1992 Got married to Mark in 1998. Working for Kaneland school district as a school social worker since 1999. Have a son Blake (9/22/02) and added baby girl Cassidy Nicole to the family on April 27, 2006.
Estes, Melissa Fall 2000