Why Go Greek

What You Can Expect As A New Member:

Epsilon Omicron's New Member program goals reflect the purpose of the Sorority as described in our Constitution, and reflects the vision of our National Council to instill pride, loyalty and commitment in every Delta Zeta. Those goals are:

  • To teach every New Member the responsibilities of membership and create a respect for the core values and principles of the Sorority.

  • To foster a sense of belonging and involvement with the chapter among each New Member.

  • To educate each New Member about her own life-long commitment to Delta Zeta Sorority.

  • To provide educational opportunities for personal growth to every member of the Sorority.

What is rush or new member recruitment?

Recruitment is the time for Potential New Members to meet Delta Zeta sisters at organized parties and explore what Delta Zeta has to offer. Recruitment also allows Delta Zeta sisters to get to know each Potential New Member before deciding to invite her to become part of the sisterhood.

Who is eligible to become a member of Delta Zeta?

Any undergraduate woman enrolled full-time at Western Illinois University with 12 credits or more, who has at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and the desire to grow in understanding and love as a sister.

Can a first-term freshman join Delta Zeta?

A first-term freshman may join Delta Zeta, but she must show proof of at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA from high school.

My grades are very important to me. How can I be sure that they won't slip during the New Member period or after I become a sister?

Individual academic performance is Epsilon Omicron's first priority. We have an Academics Chairperson who coordinates assistance for sisters that need help in any academic subject.

If I become a sister, how long is membership good for?

Once you become an initiated member of Delta Zeta, you are a member for life. As a collegiate, you share the bond of sisterhood with 165 Delta Zeta National Sorority chapters across the United States. As an alumna, you have the opportunity to become involved in one of 250 Delta Zeta alumnae chapters located across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Does Delta Zeta have a sorority house at Western Illinois University?

Yes, a minimum of 26 sisters live in the house. It is a Delta Zeta requirement that all sisters live in the house a minimum of one year and that the house be at capacity each year.

What are the current financial requirements to becoming a sister?

Once initiated, active members pay $204 in dues, a $60 parlor fee, and a $40 furnishing fund every semester. The average cost, per semester, for an active sister who does not reside in the Delta Zeta house is $304.

Those who live in the Delta Zeta house are expected to pay room and board in the amount of $3040 per semester, in addition to their dues. The average cost, per semester, of living in the house is $3244. (including additional fees).

How much are chapter dues?

After you have been initiated into the chapter, dues are $204 per semester.

Are there any other expenses involved with being a member of Delta Zeta?

Some Delta Zeta functions and mandatory events are covered by chapter dues. Occasionally members will want to purchase additional items for events such as t-shirts and party favors. Some additional unanticipated charges will occur throughout the year for all members.

What chances do I have of becoming a leader in the Delta Zeta chapter?

Delta Zeta has many executive board positions and many chairperson offices, as well as committees for special activities. Epsilon Omicron also has a 100% chapter involvement directive, requiring our members to belong to at least one other campus/community organization.