Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Personal Testimonials

“The online platform for classes is the best that I have used. It is very user friendly. I can check emails, assignment for my classes, and find research material from the WIU online library. All in one location. The content browser has to be my favorite part. I’m a checklist person and this gives me a list of work that needs to be done and checks it off for me as I complete my tasks.”~ Brenda Wamsley

“I love working with BGS students! In my WS 355 course, Feminist Theory, the BGS students read the feminist theory in the author’s words and comprehend and apply well. They bring seriousness to the study that I enjoy so much – my experience with BGS students is that they do not shrink from a challenge and are able to meet a tough subject with interest and care – and really succeed. In the WS 435 course, Women and Crime, they are always so engaged in the reading and really make excellent points on discussion boards. The novel they read, Midnight Assassin, is about a historical murder case and murderer who is never convicted. They are able to apply the trends and concept in our textbook to the case, and really do a great job of arguing the point of the book – the female charged did not have adequate representation under the law. I do not worry about online delivery with BGS students; they adapt to the online format and are able to navigate those challenges with ease.” ~ Dr. Lori Baker-Sperry, Ph.D. (Faculty)

“The Bachelors of General Studies was the right fit for me. I already have an Associate of Arts, which transferred and fulfilled the core requirements. That allowed me the freedom to pick and choose the upper division classes that appealed to me. And, because completion of the degree was 100% online, it allowed me to work full time and the flexibility to do my classes and studies from home, without the long commute to a college for classes.” ~ Paula Myers

Nick Whittington"As a student transitioning out of the military, I was initially a marketing major with plans to apply to the MBA program after completing my undergraduate degree. While in the military I received a years worth of college level credits prior to starting at WIU. Only a small portion of those credits could be used toward my marketing degree. By transitioning into the BGS program, I was able to apply nearly all of my credits received from the military. The BGS program allowed me to obtain my Bachelors Degree in three years taking the undergraduate prerequisites for the Masters in Business Administration and left me with enough military benefits to fully cover the financial cost of my Master's Degree as well as my Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. I would recommend this program to any student who is either new to WIU or looking to change their major as this program can be tailored to meet nearly all educational goals while establishing a strong foundation for a successful career." ~ Nick Whittington

Advice to current/future BGS students

Paula Myers“Ask questions either through email or call, don’t be afraid. If you don’t get the answer you expected, ask for additional clarification. Communication through email can sometimes be challenging and interpreted differently than what you intended. Every experience I had was always positive whether I was emailing my instructor for help, calling the business office about tuition, emailing my advisor for class schedule advice, or working with another online student in my class. Online learning can be intimidating, even as a person who works in information technology. My advice, plan ahead and you will be fine. I found that I would read through my syllabus and plot out the semester on a calendar. Then as I completed my work I would cross it off. Also, don’t wait till the last possible hour to take a test or turn in a paper. Keep on task and in no time you will have your BGS degree.” ~Paula Myers