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Summer Youth Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has Outreach Programs been providing youth programs-camps?
    • We are proud to report that we have been providing youth enrichment programs for more than 30 years.
  • How do I register my child for a summer youth program?
    • Registration forms can be downloaded from this website, completed, and returned with payment. You may mail in your completed registration form with a payment by check or credit card information to the following address:

      Outreach Programs
      Horrabin Hall 8
      Western Illinois University
      1 University Circle
      Macomb, IL 61455
  • Can I fax in the registration with my credit card information?
    • Absolutely. You may fax in your child’s completed registration form with credit card information to 309.298.2226. To verify that we have indeed received it you can call us at 309.298.1911 or toll-free at 866.933.8964.
  • Can I fax in the registration form to reserve a spot and send my payment later?
    • No. Both the registration and deposit/payment must be received before your child is considered registered.
  • If something happens and my child cannot attend the program, will I receive a refund?
    • This depends upon when the cancellation occurs. Please refer to the program brochure for further details or call the Outreach Programs Office at 309.298.1911 or toll-free at 866.933.8964.
  • I am on the wait list. How does that work?
    • The wait list is organized by the date we receive your registration. Outreach Programs holds your check or credit card information, but will not process payment until space becomes available through a cancellation. At that time we will call you to explain that a cancellation has occurred and ask if your child would like to join our program. If approval is given, we will process your payment. If there is no space available, we will return your check in the mail or your credit card will never be charged.
  • How will I know if the program has been canceled?
    • A letter is sent indicating the program has been canceled and a refund is processed.
  • What should and shouldn't my child bring?
    • All meals, housing, and program costs are included in the registration fee. A "Last Tips" letter with suggestions on what personal items to bring is mailed to each student approximately one month before the program.

      Alarm clocks and other electronic devices are not necessary, since counselors knock on the doors to wake up program participants. Please Note: Outreach Programs does not take responsibility for lost or damaged items and recommends that valuables such as iPods, mp3 players, and other valuables remain at home.

      Any item brought by a student is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • How much money will my child need to bring?
    • We recommend that students bring less than $30 for vending machines and the trip to the bookstore at the end of the week. All meals, housing, and program costs are included in the registration fee.
  • Do I need to send supplies for the program with my child?
    • No. All supplies are furnished as part of the registration fee.
  • Where do you get your faculty members?
    • Western faculty members, faculty assistants, and local school teachers typically instruct our programs.
  • Who are your counselors and how are they trained?
    • Our counselors are graduate and undergraduate students at Western Illinois University whose majors are in areas such as education, psychology, social work, and parks and recreation administration. Each counselor is personally interviewed by our staff, undergoes a fingerprinted background check, and takes part in staff training.
    • The Office of Outreach Programs in addition to other offices and organizations lead sessions to prepare counselors for duties and responsibilities associated with the summer camp counselor position. Training includes CPR and First Aid training as well as activity planning.
  • If my child rides the train to Macomb alone, will one of your staff members pick him/her up?
    • No. Outreach Programs staff members supervise the students only while the programs are in session. We provide a carpooling list to assist with your transportation needs.
  • What type of facility do the participants stay in?
    • Depending on the program, participants stay either in Corbin/Olson Residence Hall or Horn Field Campus. For residence halls, students stay in double-occupancy rooms and dormitory-style bathrooms. Counselors live on the floor with the students. For students staying at Horn Field Campus, participants stay in three comfortable, yet rustic, air-conditioned cabins with at least one counselor per cabin.

      A linen packet containing two sheets, one pillowcase, one pillow, two bath towels, one washcloth, and one blanket is provided for students staying in the residence halls. Students staying at Horn Field Campus should bring their own blanket/sleeping bag and pillow.  No phones are provided in the students' rooms in either accommodation. Students who bring a cell phone can use them during evening hours to call home.  During class and scheduled activities, we ask students to lock their phones in their rooms or cabins.

      Messages can be left:
      • at the Corbin/Olson Residence Hall desk at 309.298.3500 (staffed 24 hours a day)
      • at Horn Field Campus 309.833.5798
      • with the Outreach Programs staff at 309.298.1911 or toll-free at 866.933.8964, from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • How much supervision will the participants have?
    • During class time, the faculty and faculty assistants directly supervise the students. Outside of class, counselors supervise students. We take pride in having a close supervisory role with them. Students must always travel as a group and/or be in the company of counselors or faculty. Counselors stay overnight on the floor or in cabins with the students as part of their program responsibilities.
  • Can a staff member administer the participant's medication?
    • No. Program staff members do not distribute medication. We recommend that parents send pill packs and directions with their child to make it easier for him/her to remember when to take medication.
  • In case of injury or an emergency, what type of medical care is provided?
    • The counselors have access to a first-aid kit and are prepared to care for minor ailments such as headaches, cuts, and scrapes. Each counselor is certified in CPR and First Aid prior to the start of the program.

      Western has an on-site medical facility, Beu Health Center, and McDonough District Hospital is located nearby for any emergencies requiring assistance. Additionally, Western's Office of Public Safety is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Police officers are trained in Advanced First Aid, CPR, and carry AEDs.

      Your signed medical forms are provided to Beu Health Center and MDH to facilitate treatment in case of illness or accident.

      Parents and guardians are notified immediately if their child is involved in an emergency and can stay in touch with an Outreach Programs staff member as needed. Students do not qualify for university health care, so parents should check family insurance policies for health and accident coverage.
  • What type of recreational activities will the participants be doing?
    • We strive to find a balance between learning and fun. For younger students in our programs a number of activities are provided including, but not limited to, softball, swimming, and movies.