Dealing with Difference Institute


During the first eight years of funding the ECDP published eight anthologies. The first four, Multicultural Education: Strategies for Implementation in Colleges and Universities, Volumes 1-4 were collections of essays while three, Multicultural Prism: Voices from the Field, Volumes 1-3, were handbooks that brought together syllabi from multiple disciplines. The eighth, Cultural Diversity: Curriculum, Classroom, and Climate, comprised representative articles from previous volumes supplemented by new essays to insure relatively comprehensive coverage of multicultural issues. Authors included many Western colleagues as well as educators from across the nation.

Grant funding also made possible the production of several other media projects: a CD-Rom, Multicultural Prism: Diversity in the Curriculum; two videotapes, Multicultural Prism: Voices from the Field, that featured well established and respected leaders in multicultural education and complemented the Multicultural Prism anthologies, and A Pedagogy of Place: Little Singer Community School, Navajo Nation; and a set of four DVDs, Effective Strategies for Learning and Teaching about Diversity in the U.S.A, that comprised a course taught by Dr. Adams.