Dealing with Difference Institute

Multicultural Resource and Advising Center

As part of the HECA grant proposal that preceded the ECDP, a resource center was established to further the work of multicultural education through material resources, such as books and films, and through scholars with experience in cultural diversity, social justice, and multiple instructional approaches who can advise other educators wanting to deepen their knowledge and enhance their skills in this field.

Besides responding to requests for workshops or other programs, the resource center developed a series of eight anthologies that brought together the work of state and national scholars in multicultural education. HECA funds were also used to produce a comprehensive CD on diversity issues and two videotapes. These were distributed to Illinois libraries and to DWDI participants. In addition to the material prepared specifically through HECA funds, other books and films were purchased for use by faculty and staff.

Since the HECA funds were transferred to WIU’s general fund, the resource center has continued to expand through the purchase of material on cultural diversity, but the production of resources has shifted from anthologies to a series of DVD interviews with multicultural and social justice scholars conducted by Dr. J. Q. Adams (EIS). Interviews with Dr. Henry Giroux, Dr. Ronald Takaki, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Rev. C. T. Vivian, Mr. Tim Wise, Dr. Heather Hackman, Dr. Shakti Butler, and Dr. Pedro Noguera have been completed. The interviews are being made available through the ECDP website and can be accessed through the link on this page.

In addition to the interviews, the Resource and Advising Center has video or DVD copies of presentations made by scholars and activists who have visited Western Illinois University since the ECDP’s inception. Among these are Dr. Antonia Darder, Dr. Troy Duster, Dr. Paul Gorski, Dr. Donaldo Macedo, Mr.Rozell “Prexy” Nesbitt, Dr. Thomas Parham, Dr. Barbara Ransby, Dr. Ann Russo, and Mr. Tim Wise.