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The following list of journals provides an introduction to a few periodical resources that cover cultural diversity, multicultural education, and traditionally underrepresented groups.


American Indian
National Museum of the American Indian
470 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Suite 7103
Washington, DC 20560-0934

“A quarterly “devoted entirely to the National Museum of the American Indian's mission and work” and to stories of Native communities of the hemisphere. NMAI membership benefit.

American Indian Quarterly
University of Nebraska Press
P.O. Box 880520
Lincoln, NE 68588-0520

Academic, interdisciplinary journal with broad coverage. Book reviews are an important aspect of each issue.

Amerasia Journal
Asian American Study Center
3230 Campbell Hall
University of California-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1546

“The national interdisciplinary journal of scholarship, criticism, and literature on Asian and Pacific Americans.”

Anthropology and Education Quarterly
American Anthropology Association
4350 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 640
Arlington, VA 22203-1630

Magazines for Libraries says, “The official publication of the Council on Anthropology and Education, this journal covers research in the teaching of anthropology and in anthropological education developments.”

Arab Studies Quarterly
Association of Arab-American University Graduates
P.O. Box 408
Normal, IL 61761

Focuses on “the Arabs, their culture, history and institutions.”

Asian American Policy Review
79 John F. Kennedy St.
Cambridge, MA 02163

Covers research on public policy, political participation, demographics; includes interviews with political figures.

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Bilingual Research Journal
Research Center for Language and Culture
University of Houston, Clearlake
2700 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058-1098

This journal of the National Association for Bilingual Education covers research, policy and practice.

Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingue
Hispanic Research Center
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-2702

Creative and critical work by and about Chicano, Cuban American, and Puerto Rican literature.

Black Issues Book Review
Cox, Matthews & Associates, Inc.
10520 Warwick Avenue, Suite B-8
Fairfax, VA 22030-3136

Literature reviews, articles profiling authors.

Black Issues in Higher Education,
10520 Warwick Avenue, Suite B-8
Fairfax, VA 22030-3136

Weekly news coverage in addition to feature articles and a comprehensive job list.

Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire
Indian University Press
601 N. Morton Street
Bloomington, IN 47404-3797

Offers international forum on contemporary issues affecting the African Diaspora. Includes essays, fiction, reviews, and art work. Multilingual.

Black Scholar: Journal of Black Studies and Research
Black World Foundation
P.O. Box 2869
Oakland, CA 94816

Covers basic issues of Black America with each issue focusing on a different subject.

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Callaloo: A Journal of African-American and African Arts and Letters
Johns Hopkins University Press
Journals Publications Division
2715 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218-4319

Creative works, critical studies, interviews, cultural news and announcements.

Changes: The Magazine of Higher Learning
Heldref Publications
1319 18 S. NW
Washington, D.C. 20036-1802

Covers academic as well as student service issues in wide-ranging essays.

Box 781
Howard University
Washington, D.C. 20059

A magazine that focuses on Black/Jewish relations. Published b the American Jewish Committee and Howard University.

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Democracy & Education
College of Education
McCracken Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701-2979

The journal of the Institute for Democracy in Education. Provides information, and a forum for sharing classroom experiences, and reviews of resources for teachers.

differences: a journal of feminist cultural studies
Indiana University Press, Journal Division
601 N. Morton St.
Bloomington, IN 47404

An international forum on gender issues and cultural politics.

Disability and Society
Carfax Publishing Co.
875 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

“An international journal providing a focus for debate about such issues as human rights, discrimination, definitions, policy and practices.”

Diversity Digest
Association of American Colleges and Universities
1818 R Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Articles on a range of diversity issues plus “Media Watch,” research and resources.Education in Urban Society

Corwin Press/Sage Publications
2455 Teller Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

“An independent quarterly journal of social research with implications for public policy.”

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Educational Leadership
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
1250 N. Pitt St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-1453

Focuses on educational reforms and initiatives for a primarily K-12 and teacher education audience.

Exceptional Children
Council for Exceptional Children
1920 Association Dr.
Reston, VA 22091-1589

Articles focus on original research on the development and education of exceptional children.

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Feminist Studies
Women's Studies Program
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

“Founded to encourage analytic responses to feminist issues and to open new areas of research, criticism and speculation.”

Feminist Teacher
Feminist Teacher Editorial Collective
Department of English
405 Hibbard Hall
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702

A journal for “educators in a variety of disciplines and in all grade levels—pre-school through graduate school, in traditional as well as nontraditional classroom settings.”

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Harvard Educational Review
Harvard University
Gutman Library
6 Appian Way, Suite 349
Cambridge, MA 02138-9818

“A journal of opinion and research in the field of education.” Well researched articles, some focusing on the inequities of our present educational system.

Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
Sage Publications
2455 Teller Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

“Research articles, case histories, critical reviews and scholarly notes…of theoretical interest or deal with methodological issues related to Hispanic populations.”

The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education
17 Arcadian Ave., Suite 202
Paramus, NJ 07652

Issues related to higher education in the U.S. are explored from Hispanic perspectives.

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Indian Country Today
Native American Publishing
1920 Lombardy Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57701

Indian-owned, this weekly newspaper provides national coverage.

Intelligence Report
400 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

A publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center. A reliable source of information about hate groups and hate crimes.

International Journal of Aging and Human Development: a Journal of Psychosocial Gerontology
Baywood Publishing Co.
26 Austin Ave.
P.O. Box 337
Amityville, NY 11701

Focuses on theoretical and philosophical issues.

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Journal of Aging and Ethnicity
Springer Publicating Co.
536 Broadway
New York, NY 10012-9904

Articles explore the relationship between ethnicity and age; they cover issues related to research, policy, education and practice.

Journal of Aging & Social Policy
Haworth Press
10 Alice St.
Binghamton, NY 13904-1580

Covers programs and services in U.S. and abroad from a variety of viewpoints. Includes book reviews and a readers' forum.

Journal of American Indian Education
Center for Indian Education
College of Education
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 871311
Tempe, AZ 85287-1311

Peer-reviewed articles on the education of American Indians.

Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology
Kluwer Academic Pubs.
101 Philip Dr.
Norwell, MA 02061

Favors depth research reports.

Journal of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity
Human Sciences Press
233 Spring St.
New York, NY 10013-1578

Articles focus on “new knowledge and ideas about every major aspect of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender life.”

Journal of Gay, Lesbian Social Services
Haworth Press
10 Alice St.
Binghamton, NY 13904

“Issues in practice policy and research policy.” Statistical and analytical information.

Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development
5999 Stevenson Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22304-3300

A quarterly journal of the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development. Articles encompass theory and practice.

Journal of Rehabilitation
National Rehabilitation Association
633 S. Washington St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

An official publication of the National Rehabilitation Association that covers a broad range of issues on both theoretical and practical levels.

Journal of Women & Aging
Haworth Press
10 Alice St.
Binghamton, NY 13904-1580

A “multidisciplinary quarterly of psychosocial practice, theory and research.”

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The Latino Review of Books
Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies
Social Sciences 247
University of Albany, SUNY
Albany, NY 12222

Book reviews and scholarly essays, primarily on the Latino experience in the U.S., are included.

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Middle East Journal
Middle East Institute
1761 N. St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036

Authoritative articles on Middle Eastern countries and issues.

Multicultural Education
Caddo Gap Press
3145 Geary Blvd., PMB 278
San Francisco, CA 94118

Each issue includes articles on various aspects of multicultural education, “promising practices” analyses, and book and media reviews.

Multicultural Perspectives
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
10 Industrial Avenue
Mohawk, NJ 07430-2262

“An official journal of the National Association for Multicultural Education” (

Multicultural Review
Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.
88 Post Rd. W., P.O. Box 5007
Westport, CT 06881-5007

“Dedicated to a better understanding of ethnics, racial, and religious diversity.” Includes “reviews of multicultural materials and information on the subject of multiculturalism.”

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The New Crisis
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215

The journal of the NAACP. News, analyses, interviews.

NWSA Journal: A Publication of the National Women's Studies Association
7100 Baltimore Ave., Suite 301
College Park, MD 20742-1325

Articles bring together research and action. Also include announcements and news relevant to women's studies.

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Phi Delta Kappan
Phi Delta Kappa
409 N. Union
P.O. Box 789
Bloomington, IN 47402

Frequently written by well-known educational leaders, articles, sometimes theme-based and clustered, address policy and reform issues.

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Race, Gender & Class
Department of Sociology
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70148-2345

“An interdisciplinary and multicultural journal…promoting the integration of multicultural education on race, gender and class in higher education.”

Radical Teacher
Institute for Critical Education, Inc.
Box 383316
Cambridge, MA 02238

“A socialist and feminist journal on the theory and practice of teaching” that includes the work of pre-K through 12 teachers as well as that of “higher education” teachers.

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SPLC Report
400 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

A newsletter published by the Southern Poverty Law Center to keep supporters informed about Center activities.

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Teaching Tolerance
400 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

A publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Focuses on curriculum and instruction; includes reviews of teaching tools.

The New Jersey Project
William Paterson University
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, NJ 07470

“Focuses primarily on creating an inclusive curriculum and pedagogy that reflect the reality that women and men with diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures have contributed to the creation of culture and knowledge.”

Tribal College
American Indian Higher Education Consortium
P.O. Box 720
Mancos, CO 81328

The publication “addresses subjects important to the future of American Indian and Alaska Native communities utilizing both journalistic and scholarly articles.”

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Urban Education
Corwin Press/Sage Publications
2455 Teller Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Academic, research-based articles on issues related to urban students, teachers, and administrations.

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W, X, Y & Z

The Washington Blade: The Gay Weekly of the Nation's Capitol
1408 U St., N.W., 2nd floor
Washington, D.C. 2009-3916

Though a D.C.-based weekly, this newspaper covers local, national and international events. Information and analysis.

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A sampling of documentary and fictional video titles:


Advertising and the end of the world
47 min 1998 Media Education
Presents a compelling and accessible argument about consumerism and its impact of the earths future. Extensively illustrated with graphics and examples from commercial imagery.

After the Montreal massacre
27 min 1990 Women Make Movies
On December 6, 1989, a gunman entered the engineering building at the University of Montreal and killed fourteen women. A wounded survivor and other students describe the harrowing event, widely understood as a backlash against feminism.

All that's left: Speculations on a lost life
16 min 1992 Katherine Hurbis-Cherrier
Hurbis-Cherrier examines questions about memory and history (what we remember, how we remember it, how we articulate or fail to articulate it) by exploring the life of her aunt. Family history rather than national or world history is Hurbis-Cherrier's immediate subject, but her interest in historical evidence (photos, records, memories, and anecdotes) and the processes of selection and (re)writing should prompt viewers to question history on multiple levels.

American experience: Indians, outlaws and Angie Debo
60 min 1989 PBS Video
Outlines the heroic life and unique experiences of historian Angie Debo. Her meticulous research of Oklahoma history revealed that the five civilized Indian tribes of Oklahoma were victims of a complex swindle involving major political figures. Debo was threatened and isolated by these powerful politicians, but she remained steadfast in her criticism of Indian policy. Today, her books serve as a cornerstone of American Indian scholarship, particularly as they relate to tribal sovereignty and land rights.

American tongues
56 min 1986 Center for American Media
Illustrates various dialects of the English language within the U.S.

At the river I stand
56 min 1993 California Newsreel
Reconstructs the two eventful months in the Spring of 1968 which led to the tragic death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the dramatic climax of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Beats of the heart: Konkombe-The Nigerian pop music scene
50 min 1980 Shanachie Records
Introduction to the endlessly fascinating world of African's pop's dizzying array of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Here the musical kaleidoscope of juju, Afrobeat, highlife, Afro-pop, and Lagos street music.

Beats of the heart: Rhythms of resistance-Black South African music
50 min 1979 Shanachie Records
Takes you across forbidden boundaries of apartheid to experience the authentic joy and sorrow of Black South African music. Beats of the heart: Roots, Rock, Reggae -Inside the Jamaican music scene c 50 min 1977 Shanachie Records Presents a rare glimpse into the roots of reggae from the rough-and-tumble Trenchtown ghetto to the placid hills behind Kingston where followers of Rastafari drum and sing hymns. Features performances, interviews and studio scenes. Beats of the heart:Tex-Mex-The music of the Texas-Mexican borderlands c 50 min 1978 Shanachie Records Mexican and American cultures have mingled to produce Tex-Mex music, an exuberant style with a Mexican soul and a rock'n'roll heart. Tex-Mex is a street level tour of the border world, through cantinas, prisons, festivals, even brothels where Tex-Mex music grows.

Be true to yourself
28 min 1991 21st Century News
Interview with ten teenagers and gay married couple Rod and Bob Jackson-Paris. Rod, an international professional model, and Bob, a professional bodybuilder with the titles of Mr. America and Mr. Universe, discuss: sexual orientation, human rights, self-esteem and the courage to be yourself.

Before Stonewall-The making of a gay and lesbian community
87 min 1986 MPI Home Video
Pries open the closet door-setting free the dramatic story of the sometimes horrifying public and private existences experienced by American homosexuals from around 1920 to present day. Focuses on events that led to the 1969 riots at a New York City gay bar (Stonewall Inn).

Best boy
104 min 1979 Documentary Film Prod./IFEX
Documentary story of a 53-year-old retarded man tells how he gradually gains more independence. Shows him attending school, going to a zoo and a theater, and moving into a community residence on his own.

Best man: Best boy and all of us twenty years later
87 min 1998 Child Motion Pictures
Filmmaker and psychotherapist Ira Wohl visits his mentally handicapped cousin, Phillip, at age 70, twenty years after they collaborated on the film, “Best Boy.” Wohl examines Phillip’s life, his relationships, and the preparation for his bar mitzvah.

Beyond the dream: A celebration of black history
150 min ea 1989 Cox, Matthews And Associates Inc
The teleconference looks at the contributions of blacks in the fields of education, politics, economics, the military, the arts, sports, entertainment, and social issues.

Black Americans of achievement
30 min ea 1992 Schlessinger Video Productions
Biographies of the following: George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Colin Powell, Jackie Robinson, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Madam C. J. Walker, Booker T. Washington, and Malcolm X.

Black Athena
52 min 1991 California Newsreel
Examines Cornell Professor Martin Bernal’s iconoclastic study of the African origins of Greek civilization and the explosive academic debate it provoked. Offers a balanced introduction to disputes on multi-culturalism, "political correctness" and Afrocentric curricula sweeping college campuses today.

Blacks, blues, black! [Black art and black literature]
60 min 1988 PBS
Maya Angelou develops and demonstrates the heritage of black art and literature showing how they have been preserved and assimilated into society. She outlines a revival of African culture in America.

Black face - old van
10 min 1991 Skyview Productions
Chronicles the efforts of a African-American mother attempting to secure medical attention for her sick kid. Depicts an ordinary, every day situation -- that becomes extraordinary because of racism in American society. The viewer is exposed to the inner reflections and struggles of this mother of color as she resists racism.

Black ain’t (with facilitator’s guide)
86 min 1995 California Newsreel
Weaves together the testimony of those whose complexion, class, gender, speech or sexuality has made them feel “too black” or “not black enough.” Scholars and artists, including Bill T. Jones, Essex Hemphill, Angela Davis and bell hooks, as well as ordinary African Americans, movingly recall their own struggles to discover a more inclusive definition of “blackness.”

Black managers forum - First annual teleconference
120 min 1989 American Management Association
Participants in the teleconference are black managers, management consultants and professionals who have made important contributions to their organizations while discussing their own techniques for getting results and achieving progressional growth in the organization.

Black Panther and San Francisco state: On strike
35 min 1969 California Newsreel
Re-release of two productions of the 60’s. Black Panther is as close to an official Panther film as was ever made. Interviews with Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver and Bobby Seale. San Francisco State: On Strike recounts how students of color lead a bitter six month strike, to make their university’s curriculum and admissions policies more relevant to the surrounding community.

Black pioneers — True faces of the west
40 min 1996 University of Wyoming
Focuses upon African American pioneers who in the past four hundred years became explorers, guides, cowhands, teachers, and professional as they moved into remote areas west of the Mississippi River.

Body beautiful
23 min 1991 Women Make Movies
A film by Ngozi Onwurah. Exploration of a white mother who undergoes a radical mastectomy and her Black daughter who embarks on a modeling career reveals the profound effects of body image and the strain of racial and sexual identity on their charged, intensely loving bond.

Bowl of bone
114 min 1992 Turtle Productions , Inc
This documentary is a haunting and deeply personal story that begins as a filmmaker's quest for self-knowledge and ends in a unique and powerful vision of friendship between two very different women.

Boyz n the hood
112 min 1991 Columbia Tristar Home Video
Story of three boys growing up in a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood, and of street life where friendship, pain, danger and love combine to form reality. "The Hood" is a place where drive-by shootings and unemployment are rampart. Starring Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr, Morris Chestnut and Larry Fishburne. Directed by John Singleton.

Buffalo soldiers
50 min 1991 Goldhill Media
Chronicles the history and accomplishments of the all-black cavalries and infantries during the first half of the 19th century. Named the “Buffalo Soldiers” by their Cheyenne enemies, these brave and proud soldiers played an important role in the pacification and settlement of the American West.

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Century of women
95 min ea 1994 Turner Home Entertainment
Three part program tells the story of women in the 20th Century - how they lived, loved, worked, played and most importantly, changed the course of American history. Tape 1: Image and Popular Culture; Tape 2: Sexuality and Social Justice; and Tape 3: Work and Family.

Color adjustment
87 min 1991 California Newsreel
Traces over forty years of turbulent race relations through the lens of prime time entertainment. Black actors Esther Rolle, Diahann Carroll, Denis Nicholas and Tim Reid and Hollywood producers Norman Lear, Steve Bocho and David Wolper reveal the behind-the-scenes story of how prime time was "integrated."

Communication by voice and action
14 min 1979 Coronet
The film examines how nonverbal aspects of communication-voice and action-contribute to the message. Nonverbal factors are examined through short demonstrations by speakers; both negative and positive illustrations are given.

Complaints of a dutiful daughter
44 min 1994 Women Make Movies
Chronicles the various stages of a mother’s Alzheimer Disease and the evolution of a daughter’s responses to the illness. Ultimately an insightful and life-affirming study.

Conversation with Vine Deloria, Jr.
29 min 1978 Clearwater Pub. Co.
Indian writer Vine Deloria responds to questions from three interviewers.

25 min 1995 Her Way Productions
Today most women in Egypt wear a headscarf called the hejab; and in more extreme cases they cover their entire faces. This documentary examines this pervasive occurrence. It shows that Islam is not the sole reason behind the veiling. There are other causes including social and economic factors.

Creativity with Bill Moyers: Maya Angelou
30 min 1991 PBS
Bill Moyers accompanies poet and actress Maya Angelou on her return to her home town where they make note of the ways that her memories and experience impinge on art.

Crimes against women
48 min 1994 Landmark Media, Inc
Psychologists, police, investigators and other crime experts utilize real life experiences and thought-provoking re-enactments to demonstrate techniques that can keep women from becoming victims of crime.

Cross-cultural communication in higher education
90 min 1995 Anker Publishing Co.
Dr. Derald Wing Sue, examines differences in communications styles among such groups as Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and European-Americans. Through vignettes of realistic student-faculty situations, Dr. Sue explores topics of nonverbal communication, nonverbals as triggers to fear and bias, high-low context communication, recognizing differences, and bridging the communication gap.

Cultural identity development (Derald Wing Sue)
64 min 1990 Microtraining
Five distinct levels of minority identity development are identified. Cultural identity development theory provides practical guidelines for working with individuals and cultural differences.

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Dealing with diversity, #1: Course Overview - Who in the world is in here?
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Introduction to diverse populations. Definitions. Ethnic/racial, religious, and cultural origins of members of the class. Featuring: Constance Potter, National Archives.

Dealing with diversity, #2: Social interaction in diverse settings - The SIM's Model
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Discussion of a social interaction model which provides students with a common basis for understanding groups and differences between groups.

Dealing with diversity, #3: Cross cultural communication in diverse settings
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Basic characteristics and elements of communication, and difficulties of communicating across cultures. Studio guest: Rebecca Parker, Department of Communication, Western Illinois University.

Dealing with diversity, #4: Global and national demographic trends
60 min 1993 Governors State University
World population and U.S. population and trends.

Dealing with diversity, #5: Immigration policy in the U.S.A.
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Review of immigration law and how it has influenced types of people that have come to the United States. Problems of immigrants whose immigrant status is questioned. Featuring: Constance Potter, National Archives; Marion Smith, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Studio guest: Susan Gzesh, Attorney-at-law and Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University.

Dealing with diversity, #6: Race - The world's most dangerous myth
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Concept of race examined from a scientific and cultural perspective. Classifications of race. Racism Quotient Questionnaire. Featuring: Dr. Jerry Hirsch, Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Champaign. Studio guest: Dr. Bem Allen, Professor of Psychology, Western Illinois University.

Dealing with diversity, #7: Native American cultures in the U.S.A. - Part 1
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Early populations of Native Americans. Rights of Native Americans. Stereotypes about Native Americans. Treaty disputes. The Colville land allotments. Studio guests: Paul Schranz, Governors State University; Jerry Lewis, Historian Potawatomis.

Dealing with diversity, #8: Native American cultures in the U.S.A. - Part 2
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Case study of the controversy regarding displaying remains of ancient Native Americans at Dickson Mounds Museum Burial Grounds, Lewistown, Illinois. Native Americans and respect for the environment. Studio guests: James Yellowbank, Coordinator, Indian Treaty Rights Committee; Roxie Grignon, T.E.A.R.S.

Dealing with diversity, #9: Hispanic-American cultures in the U.S.A.
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Multiple ethnic groups classified as Hispanics. Issues of bilingualism. Issue of color in Hispanic society. Studio guest: Dr. Samuel Betances, Professor of Sociology, Northeastern Illinois University.

Dealing with diversity, #10: African-American cultures in the U.S.A. - Part 1
60 min 1993 Governors State University
The changing statistical and demographic data of African-Americans. Causes of demographic differences between African-Americans and other ethnic groupings. Afro-centric movement. Featuring: Dr. Molefi Asante, Afro-American Studies, Temple University. Studio guest: Edward Johnson, Counselor, Joliet Junior College.

Dealing with diversity, #11: African-American cultures in the U.S.A. - Part 2
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Concepts of African history and religion, the impact of African-American images on the media, poor academic performance of African-Americans, and how schools perpetuate African-American stereotypes. Featuring: Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, Author.

Dealing with diversity, #12: Asian-American cultures in the U.S.A. V-
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Overview of the many groups classified as Asian Americans, and discussion of their similarities and differences. Contrasting attitudes between first and second generation Asian Americans. Studio guest: Ngoan Le, Deputy Administrator, Illinois Department of Public Aid.

Dealing with diversity, #13: Korean-Americans in Chicago
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Case study of the underlying tension between Chicago's Korean-American business community and their African-American clientele. Impact of Korean Methodist and African Methodist churches in working together to diffuse racial tension. Studio guest: Reverend Charles Jordan, St. Mark United Methodist Church.

Dealing with diversity, #14: Euro-American issues in the U.S.A.
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Diversity between the many European ethnic groups in the United States. Problems relating to merging into the majority Anglo culture and yet retaining individual language and customs. Studio guests: Dominic Candeloro, Italian-American Historian; David Roth, Director, Institute for American Pluralism, American Jewish Committee.

Dealing with diversity, #15: Social issues in the U.S.A.
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Demographic data illustrating family income by ethnic group. Increase of people below the poverty level. Special focus on the plight of the homeless. Featuring: Mike Meehan, Center for Creative Non-Violence; Janice Grady, National Coalition for the Homeless.

Dealing with diversity, #16: Age issues in the U.S.A. - Senior citizens
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Adults over the age of 55 as one of the fastest growing segments in our society. Impact on healthcare industry, income distribution, housing, and issues concerning the dignity and quality of life. Studio guest: Kathryn Anderson, Chicago Gray Panthers.

Dealing with diversity, #17: Age issues in the U.S.A. - Youth culture
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Focus on gang culture through the eyes of a police detective who is assigned to Joliet Township High School, Illinois. Gang names, colors, insignia, and representations. Featuring: Olivia Golden, Children's Defense Fund. Studio guest: Detective Ray Hernandez, Joliet Police Department.

Dealing with diversity, #18: Gender issues in the U.S.A. - Part 1
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Women in the work force. Feminism and the feminist dictionary. Recent legislative changes promoted by women. Featuring: Dr. Paula Treichler, University of Illinois at Champaign. Studio guest: Susan Catania, Government Consultant.

Dealing with diversity, #19: Gender issues in the U.S.A. - Part 2
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Freewheeling discussion on gender. Robert Bly's "Iron John." Rise of men's groups. Rites of passage for men and women.

Dealing with diversity, #20: Sexual orientation issues in the U.S.A. - Part 1
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Stereotypes about homosexuality, difficulties of gays and lesbians in establishing open relationships, homophobia, and violence against gays and lesbians. Studio guests: Jovita Baber, Vernon Huls, Illinois Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Dealing with diversity, #21: Sexual orientation issues in the U.S.A. - Part 2
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Experiences of individuals denied equity and equality because of their sexual preferences. "The Forgotten Boy Scouts." an organization of individuals expelled from scouting because of their sexual orientation. Studio guests: Allan Shore, Oakland Men's Project; Robert Schwitz, Gay and Lesbian Community Alliance, Washington University, St. Louis.

Dealing with diversity, #22: Ability issues in the U.S.A.
60 min 1993 Governors State University
People with disabilities as the largest minority group. Forms of discrimination against them. The issue of access in the workplace and in public places. Social interaction and economic problems of the disabled. Featuring: Hiram Zayas, Rehab Consulting Inc., Chicago. Studio guest: Lenda Hunt, Options Center for Independent Living, Kankakee, Illinois.

Dealing with diversity, #23: Hate groups in the U.S.A.
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Distribution and types of hate groups. The case for white supremacy. Studio guest: Arthur Jones, America First Committee.

Dealing with diversity, #24: Summary and review of concepts and issues
60 min 1993 Governors State University
Review of social interaction model in relation to the concepts and issues uncovered in the course of the class.

Divided we stand
49 min 1997 Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Examines how genetic studies are being used divisively by blacks and whites to prove racial superiority. A sociologist uses poor black IQ test performances as a basis for recommending welfare cuts. Controversial New York University professor Leonard Jeffries discusses melanin, the pigment responsible for black skin, as stimulating intellectual and artistic abilities in blacks. Official studies, indicating that black children walk and talk earlier than white children and cope better with noise, are placed in perspective by Rich Kittles of the National Institute of Health.

Doing the right thing: Minorities in the communications industries
60 min 1990 Berenson Productions, Inc.
Highlights of 15 seminars held in April 1990, in which leading professionals talk about realities of the job hunt, what takes to break into the business, and what's needed to move up the ladder.

Double Happiness
100 min 1994 Farets Video
Directed by Canadian Mina Shum, this gentle comedy explores the conflicting desires and dreams of a Chinese-Canadian aspiring actress and her parents.

Dreamworlds: Desire/sex/power in rock video
1990 Media Education Foundation
Two sets of issues that are addressed that could act at this contextualizing activity: gender, sexuality and representation; or more general questions connected with the "effect" of commercial images on people's everyday practices.

Dreamworlds II
23 min 1995 Media Education Foundation
A controversial video that MTV tried to ban. Portrays the impact that sex and violence in media have on society and culture in our everyday life. Shows scenes from over 165 music videos to show how the media portrays masculinity, femininity, sex, and sex roles.

Dry white season
107 min 1989 CBS/FOX Video
Euzhan Palcy’s critically acclaimed thriller set in South Africa during the apartheid era. A powerful message for the entire world: "No one can be free until all are free." Starring: Donald Sutherland and Susan Sarandon

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Early October
22 min 1990 Media, Inc
Deals with prejudice deep within-not the blatant kind, but the kind that you gain by osmosis through the images that have been constantly fed to you without consent.

Elephant man
124 min 1980 Paramount Pictures
Based on the true story of John Merrick, whose deformities made him a kind of living curio in Victorian England. Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Anne Bancroft, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller.

Entre nous [Between us]
112 min 1983 MGM/UA Home Video
Two of France's finest actresses team up for a tale of the wartime tribulations and postwar discontent that draw two attractive women together and threatens their husbands. Starring Miou-Miou and Isabelle Huppert and directed by Diana Kurys.

Ethnic notions: Portraits of prejudice
58 min 1988 California Newsreel
The program examines specific stereotypes in detail through minstrel shows, greeting cards, advertisements, popular songs, cartoons, films and household artifacts.

Excited, angry, active, vocal: Women out loud
30 min 1992 Video Virgins
Documents the diverse political voices of young women in the nineties. Video contains approximately 30 interviews with high-school and college-age women.

Eyes on the prize # 1: Awakenings (1954 - 1956)
60 min 1987 PBS
Program looks at events in post World War II American history that led to the modern black freedom struggle.

Eyes on the prize #2: Fighting back (1957 - 1962)
60 min 1987 PBS
Program looks at the law as a tool both for change and resistance to change, particularly as it relates to education. Examines the political, social and psychological implications both of school segregation and desegregation.

Eyes on the prize #3: Ain't scared of your jails (1960 - 1961)
60 min 1987 PBS
Program links four related stores of the 1960 - 61 period: the lunch counter sit-ins of 1960; the formation of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee; the impact of the sit-ins on the Kennedy-Nixon presidential campaign; and the freedom rides of 1961.

Eyes on the prize #4: No easy walk (1962 - 1966)
60 min 1987 PBS
Program depicts major Movement events in three American cities: Albany, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; and the march on Washington, D.C.

Eyes on the prize #5: Mississippi: Is this America? (1962 - 1964)
60 min 1987 PBS
Starting in 1961, Mississippi becomes a testing ground of constitutional principles and of the human spirit as the Civil Rights Movement focuses its energies on the right to vote.

Eyes on the prize #6: Bridge to freedom (1965)
60 min 1987 PBS
Program explores efforts by civil rights activities in Selma to sustain nonviolent street protest to generate nationwide sympathy and federal intervention thereby bringing about better conditions for blacks.

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Faces of the enemy
58 min 1987 Quest Productions
Investigates how individuals and nations dehumanize their enemies. Using documentary footage, interviews, political cartoons, and examples of propaganda, it analyzes the psychological roots of enmity and the images used in mass persuasion.

Faith Ringgold: The last story quilt
28 min 1991 L & S Video
Ringgold discusses her visual influences, including Tibetan tankas, African designs, and European art. She reflects on her life, her work, and her perseverance as an artist, as a woman, and as an African-American.

Fannie Lou Hamer
51 min 1983 William Greaves Productions, Inc
Fannie Lou Hamer shares her life & experiences in the Civil Rights Movement. Interwoven with the on-camera interview is archival footage of her early days as a political activist, critical events in the Movement, & her triumph at the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

Flapper story
29 min 1985 Cinema Guild
Offers a lively mixture of contemporary interviews and archival film footage in a thoughtful examination of the social phenomenon of the flapper the provocative new woman of America's Roaring 20's.

Frantz Fanon: Black skin, white mask
50 min 1995 California Newsreel
Follows Fanon from his birth in 1925 on the French Island of Martinique, through his medical training in France and subsequent disillusionment which resulted in Black Skin, White Mask. Isaac Julien, reveals not just the facts of Fanon’s brief but remarkably eventful life but his long and tortuous journey.

108 min 1984 Connoisseur Video Collection
Tribute to the colorful artist and political radical, Frida Kahlo, who was married to the painter and political activist Diego Rivera and was a friend of Leon Thotsky.

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Gate of heavenly peace.
189 min 1995 NAATA Distribution
During the spring of 1989, nightly news account filmed in Tinanmen Square enthralled viewers worldwide as they watched the largest popular demonstration in modern Chinese history unfold. Revisits these events and explores the complex political process that led to protests and eventual Beijing massacre of June 4th.

Gender and communication—He talks, she talks
22 min 1994 Learning Seed
Explains why males and females have so much trouble communicating and suggests how men and women can communicate successfully in spite of these differences.

Gender - The enduring paradox
59 min 1991 PBS
Explores the subject of gender in American society, from the formation of childhood gender roles to socially constructed notions of masculinity and femininity.

Girls like us
60 min 1997 Women Make Movies
Chronicles the lives of four ethnically diverse working-class teenage girls over the course of their high school years. Exploring the effects of economics, sexism, racism and violence on the dreams and expectations of teenage girls.

Group work: Leading in the here and now
60 min 1985 American Counseling Association
This three-part video series lets you experience Peg Carroll's technique firsthand. You'll see how to help clients reveal their true thoughts and feelings. Shows the process of establishing trust and setting norms, how to spot and use the group catalyst, how to deal with resistance and anger, how to get the real issues on the table and the use of silence.

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10 min 1985 Women Make Movies
An animated satire on the question of self image for African American women living in a society where beautiful hair is viewed as hair that blows in the wind and lets you be free. Has become essential for discussions of racism, African American cinema and empowerment.

Hate on trial: The trial of Tom and John Metzger
146 min 1992 Mystic Fire Video
In 1990, Tom and John Metzger, leaders of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), were charged with inciting the murder of a young Ethiopian man in Portland Oregon. Follows the suspenseful and provocative trial of the Metzgers for their role as advocates in a deadly racial-hate crime.

Heart and hands
60 min 1988 Heart and Hands Media Art
Presents a vital part of American history only now beginning to be told-the role played by women and their textiles in the nineteenth century's great movements and events including the Civil War, the abolition of slavery, westward expansion, the suffrage and temperance movements. Chronicles the lives of Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Keckly, Frances Willard and Abigail Scott Duniway.

Hó z Hó of Native Women
29 min 1997 Women Make Movies
Native American women from different nations tell moving stories, from their lives and cultural memories, about wellness-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Ida B. Wells: A passion for justice
54 min 1990 William Greaves Production
Documents the life and times of Ida B. Wells, the pioneering African American journalist, activist, suffragist and anti-lynching crusader of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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15 min 1994 New Dimension Media, Inc
Addresses how people interpret images in the media, focusing on how people from developing countries are perceived. Discusses how the image people have of the Third World is often based on the agenda of the media. Shows how images in the media may be distorted by number of factors, particularly the tendency of the media to focus on dramatic and tragic images rather than everyday reality.

Images of Indians
30 min ea. 1979 Insight Media
Explores how Native Americans have been portrayed in Hollywood westerns. It discusses how and why Hollywood created the image of the Indian warrior, and considers Hollywood’s justification of its treatment of Indians. Also focuses on the distortion of traditional Indian religious beliefs, and explores the negative effects that the "movie Indian" has on the self image of Native-American people. Tape 1: Great movie massacre; Tape 2: How Hollywood wins the west; Tape 3: Warpaint & wigs; Tape 4: Heathen Indians; Tape 5: Movie reel Indians.

Incident at Oglala
90 min 1991 Carolco Home Video
Michael Apted's documentary about Leonard Peltier, the Native American activist who's served more than 15 years in federal prison for the murder of two FBI agents, despite evidence suggesting prosecutorial misconduct, perjury and other testimony contradicting the governments case. Robert Redford narrated and produced.

In the land of the deaf
99 min 1992 Kino Video
Portrays the difficulties and joys of being deaf, offering vivid portraits of, among others, a charismatic sign language teacher, a woman who was treated as mentally ill because her deafness was not properly diagnosed, a young man who remembers the first, horrifying experience of hearing with an aid.

In remembrance of Martin
60 min 1986 PBS Video
Documents commemorative event held on the first federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King. Kings career is highlighted through use of footage tracing leadership in the Civil Rights movement.

I remember Harlem
58 min ea 1991 Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Part 1 - The Early Years: 1600 - 1930. Harlem's growth from fishing village to Dutch farming community, wealthy New York suburb, and finally to burgeoning black community; Marcus Garvey and the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s; Part 2 - The Depression Years: 1930 - 1940. Harlem's ethnic heritage, the music and show business tradition, Father Divine, Joe Louis. Part 3 - Toward Freedom: 1940 - 1965. Harlem's politics of protest, World War II, the emergence of uptown gangs, social growth in the 1960s. Part 4 - Toward a New Day: 1965 - 1980. Harlem's decline and rebirth, the Harlem churches, some prediction for the future.

It’s elementary—Talking about gay issues in school
76 min 1996 New Day Films
An exploration of what happens when experienced teachers talk to their students about lesbians and gay men. Students are asked to consider issues related to homosexuality at six elementary and middle schools. Presents footage of classroom activities and discussions with students exploring questions and issues presented to them by teachers and guest lecturers who come into their classes. Discusses school-wide presentations, activity-days, and how these events affect faculty, parents and teachers.

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Killing screens: Media and the culture of violence
38 min 1994 Media Education Foundation
Provides information and concrete advice for educators, parents, and individuals on what action can be taken to de-program our culture from the cult of violence that engulfs our screens. Seven parts including: 1: Stories of Power, 2: Happy Violence, 3: Accelerating Violence, 4: Violence is a Social Relationship, 5: The Lessons of Violence, 6: Citizenship in the Cultural Environment, 7: What Parents, Teachers and Schools can do.

KKK: Hate crimes in America
50 min 1993 A & E Home Video
Examines the evolution of the Ku Klux Klan, its many civil suits and the riveting events that led to the notorious Mississippi Burning case of 1964.

29 min 1996 Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Kwanzaa—a more and more widely observed holiday—provides African Americans with a unique celebration that is rooted in the rich African tradition of their ancestors and the symbolism of the African harvest.

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Las Madres de playa de mayo
85 min 1985 Women Make Movies
Academy award-nominated documentary about the Argentinian mothers’ movement to demand to know the fate of 30,000 "disappeared" sons and daughters. As well as giving an understanding of Argentinian history in the ‘70s and ‘80s, Las Madres shows the empowerment of women in a society where women are expected to be silent.

Lumumba: Death of a prophet
70 min 1992 California Newsreel
The first feature documentary on one of the legendary figures of modern African history. Patrice Lumumba (1925-61) is remembered less for his lasting achievements than as a shining symbol of the struggle of self-determination. It is not so much a conventional biography as a study of how Lumumba’s legacy has been distorted, even erased, by politicians, the media and time itself.

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Man oh man: Growing up male in America
19 min 1987 New Day Films
Through a young woman's point of view, explores many of the societal pressures of being an American man. It takes a loving, curious glimpse at what many people think about but have difficulty talking about.

Manufacturing consent: Noam Chomsky and the media
166 min 1993 Zeitgeist Films Ltd
Explores the political life and times of the controversial author, linguist and radical philosopher. As an outspoken critic of the press and one of America’s leading dissidents, he has unrelentingly dissected how our much-acclaimed democratic freedoms often mask an irresponsible use of power.

Marcus Garvey: Toward black nationhood
42 min 1993 Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Examines the career of this black nationality; it ranges from his birthplace in Jamaica to the United States, Europe and Africa. Garvey captured the imagination of black Americans during the 1920s with his call for an independent black nation. Shows how his legacy inspired the civil rights movement in the U.S. and liberation movements throughout the world.

Martha & Ethel
80 min 1994 Columbia Tristar Home Video
A story of two American families, and the two very different women who raised them. Chronicles the lives of two nannies and the upper-class families they served from the 1940’s to the present. Stern Martha, a German immigrant, ruled by fear and intimidation. Ethel, a fun loving Southerner, raised "her" children with gentle unconditional love.

Martin Luther King, Jr.-From Montgomery to Memphis
27 min 1969 Bailey Film Associates
Documents Martin Luther King's life and his contributions to the civil rights campaign. Examines Dr. King's involvement with and commitment to justice for both the Negroes and the poor.

100 min 1987 Lorimar Home Video
The bloody Matewan massacre was the Alamo of the fierce struggle that raged in the coal fields of West Virginia in the 1920's. Director/screenwriter John Sayles has told the tale of bitter clash between union and coal company with all the beauty, simplicity and quiet power of the folk ballads that still ring in those green hills.

Maxine Hong Kingston -- Talking story
60 min 1990 CrossCurrent Media
Personal look at Maxine Hong Kingston's life and work, narrated by Tony Award winning actor B.D. Wong, explores the principal themes and concerns in the noted Asian American author's books--her views on Chinese and American culture, feminism and pacifism, and the importance of ghosts, mythology and dreams.

Maya Lin: A strong clear vision
83 min 1994 American Film Foundation
Portrait of the artist/architect/sculptor, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial while a 21 year old undergraduate at Yale. Tells the gripping story behind the Vietnam Memorial and explores a decade of her creative work.

Men with guns
128 min 1998 Columbia Tristar Home Video
Sobering and politically awakening film about a recent widowed doctor who returns to an unnamed Latin America country in order to pay a visit to some of his former students, whom he dispatched to work in the country’s poorest regions. John Sayles writer/director.

MI: Intelligence, understanding, and the mind
50 min 1996 Into The Classroom Media
Howard Gardner presents MI theory and reveals what is at stake—for learning, understanding, and assessment. Topics covered includes, the Cognitive Revolution, Intelligence, The Eight Intelligences, MI: Myths and Applications, Understanding, The Unschooled Mind Across the Disciplines and Teaching for Understanding.

Miles of smiles years of struggle
58 min 1983 California Newsreel
Chronicles the organizing of the first black trade union—the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Provides the most in-depth account on film of African-American working life between the Civil War and World War II.

Minorities in journalism: Making a difference
26 min 1989 PBS Video
Introduces students to print, radio, and television journalism. Interviews with journalism professionals in a variety of positions offer excellent career preparation information. Stresses the importance of education, of internships and mentors, and identifies the personal qualities needed to succeed in the field.

Mirror, mirror
17 min 1990 Women Make Movies
Explores the relationship between a woman's body image and the quest for an idealized female form. Thirteen women, of varying age, size, and ethnicity, candidly reveal the ambivalence with which they regard their own bodies. Their comments on the size and shape of specific body parts are underscored by archival footage depicting beauty contests from the 1930s.

Moving the mountain
83 min 1994 Hallmark Home Entertainment Beijing.
May, 1989. The world watched as a hundred students became a thousand, a thousand became ten thousands, as thousands became a million—and a nation starved for freedom, cried out for a taste of democracy. The power and passion of Tiananmen Square is captured through a unique combination of newsreel footage, dramatic re-enactments and extensive input from the actual student leaders.

Multicultural counseling
28 min 1992 University of Iowa
Discusses issues related to religious and gender identity, career, and language. Each vignette (or counselor/client dyed) incorporates the techniques of self-talk -- you hear the thoughts of both the client and counselor -- which heightens the awareness of internal processes that occur during interactions. Understanding what both client and counselor are thinking affects the outcome of the session.

My left foot
103 min 1989 HBO Video
The true story of Christy Brown, born with cerebral palsy into an impoverished family, who manages to become an accomplished writer and artist with the love and encouragement of his family. Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker and Ray McAnally.

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Nasty girl
94 min 1990 HBO Video
A school project inspires Sonja to investigate her town's past which seems to upset her neighbors. Sonja soon discovers that her small town has some big secrets—secrets that the town wants left that way. Based on a true story and directed by Michael Verhoeven with an energy and imagination that matches Sonja’s.

Negro soldier
49 min 1943 Republic Pictures Home Video
Directed by Frank Capra, using actual newsreel film as well as captured enemy material. Negro Soldier was intended to build pride among blacks, while education whites of the role of blacks throughout American history.

28 min 1988 Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Inc
Leading newswomen from the three major networks join Phil Donahue to discuss the part being a woman plays in their professional careers.

Night and fog
30 min 1955 Classic Releasing
A key film, conceived of as a 'warning sign' again the Nazi extermination camps and against the war. A moving compilation of black-and-white archival footage from Hitler's camps and color shots [from ten years later]. Narrative by former prisoner Jean Cayrol.

NOVA: Pinks and the blues
60 min 1975 Time Life Video
A documentary on sex role stereotyping. Psychologists discuss the results of their research on the way adults respond to and interact with infants and older children depending on whether the child is a boy or a girl.

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Official story
112 min 1985 Facets Video
True account of a woman who discovers that her daughter, adopted at birth, may have been stolen from a family of the disappeared ones. Academy Award winner of the Best Foreign Film. Spanish with English subtitles. Directed by Luis Perenzo and starring Norma Alexandro.

On being gay: A conversation with Brian McNaught
80 min 1987 TRB Productions
Divided into two 40 min. segments. In part 1 he helps the audience understand the unique experience of growing up gay. In part 2 he shares his personal story of growing up in America. Throughout the entire 80 min. he encourages both gay and non-gay viewers to realize their own potential and to replace self-hate with self-esteem, self-doubt with self-knowledge, self-consciousness with self-confidence.

On Orientalism
40 min 1998 Media Education Foundation
Edward Said discusses some of the major themes he has developed in his classic text, Orientalism,” challenging many Western ideas about “The Orient.”

Out in suburbia: The stories of eleven lesbians
28 min 1990 Filmaker Library
Shatters the stereotypes held by many people unfamiliar with the gay community. Eleven women discuss with heartwarming frankness their lives in local neighborhoods, covering a wide range of issues including marriage, motherhood, discrimination, stereotypes and female roles.

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Page fright: Inside the world of the learning disabled
28 min 1991 Filmakers Library
Shows how difficulty with reading denies a person from access into a life we take for granted. The frustration for children with L.D. is painfully evident as we hear their stories of shame and embarrassment at the blackboard, in the playground and on the street.

Place of rage
52 min 1991 Women Make Movies
Celebration of African American women and their achievements features interviews with Angela Davis, June Jordan and Alice Walker. Within the context of the civil rights, Black poet and feminist movements, the trio reassess how women such as Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer revolutionized American society.

Politics of love—In black and white
33 min 1993 California Newsreel
Confronts interracial romance on America’s turbulent college campuses. Mixed couples testify to the joys and strengths as well as the pain and anxiety of their relationships. At the same time black and white students opposed to interracial dating argue the personal and political implications of mixed relationship in today’s America.

Public policy for the poor: What can it achieve?
60 min 1992 National Econ Club Educational Foundation
In spite of differences in political philosophies, the panelists tended to agree on the basic facts about the poor: the severity of their problem, the lack of recent success in reducing the number of persons in poverty, and the greater concentration of children in poor families. Although each of the panelists was critical of the welfare system as it now exists, they differed on policy prescriptions. One tended to emphasize our inadequate knowledge of what actually works; another stressed the importance of supplementing the earnings of the poor while another tended to favor a balanced mix of efforts.

Pudd ‘n Head Wilson
87 min 1992 American Playhouse/PBS
Ken Howard stars in this satire based on a mark Twain story. About a small town lawyer who discovers two infants, one European American and the other a light-skinned African American, were exchanged at birth and set on two very different paths.

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Question of color
58 min 1992 California Newsreel
The first documentary to confront "color consciousness" in the black community. It explores the devastating effect of a caste system based on how closely skin color, hair texture and facial features conform to a European ideal. Experience the psychological and emotional turmoil that the issue engenders in a college president, a mayor, a TV anchor woman, young rappers and others - including the filmmaker herself.

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Race and ethnicity
30 min 1991 Insight Media
Examines the significance of race, racism, and ethnicity. Using historical and current examples, it differentiates among prejudice, discrimination, and racism, and explores their effects through the eyes of Asian-Hispanic-, and African-American families.

Rap, race & equality
58 min 1994 Filmakers Library
Exposes the music that is rap and places it within its political and social context. Some of rap’s most important and controversial artists speak openly, passionately, and at times, humorously about their music. An energetic and informative look at the issues which rap artists attempt to deal with, such as racism, economic and social inequality, and race relations.

Red, white, and Gray: A question of color
35 min 197? KENS-TV San Antonio, Texas
An interesting view of race relations given by a man named John Gray. He "takes" the role of being a bigot as means of presentation.

Remembering Wei Yi-Fang, Remembering Myself: An Autobiography
29 min 1995 Women Make Movies
Charts Yvonne Welbon’s six year experience as an African American in Taiwan. A richly textured story of self discovery through another language and culture.

Road to Brown
50 min 1989 California Newsreel
A story of segregation and the brilliant legal campaign against it which helped launch the Civil Rights movement. Also a tribute to a daring but little-known black lawyer, Charles Houston - "the man who killed Jim Crow."

Rodney King case: What the jury saw in California v. Powell
120 min 1992 MPI Home Video
Presents the prosecution and defense arguments in the trial of one of the officers involved in the beating of Rodney King. Expert commentary bridges segments of testimony with explanations of the law, rules of evidence, and procedural technicalities. Also includes the amateur videotape of Rodney King’s beating, played frame-by-frame as seen by the jury.

Rouch in reverse
51 min 1995 California Newsreel
Is the first film to look at European anthropology from the perspective of its subjects. Malian filmmaker and New York University professor, Manthia Diawara examines the anthropological enterprise through the work of Jean Rouch, perhaps the most distinguished ethnographic filmmaker living today. The resulting cross-cultural encounter is alternately wrenching, affectionate, personal but always stimulating.

Ruby in paradise
115 min 1993 Republic Pictures
Winner of the 1993 Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, starring Ashley Judd and directed by Victor Nunez. Charts the progress of a young woman determined to make it on her own after she leaves Tennessee for Florida. Effective character study.

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Sa-I-Gu: From Korean women’s perspectives
36 min 1993 National Asian American Telecommunication
The April 29, 1992, Los Angeles crisis underscored the voicelessness and invisibility of Korean Americans in U.S. society. Over half of the material losses were sustained by Korean Americans. Sa-I-Gu brings these faces back, exploring the perspectives of the immigrant women who comprise more than half of Korean American shopkeepers.

Salt of the earth
94 min 1954 MPI Home Video
Tells of the true-life struggle of a mining community to achieve better working and living conditions. In a startling anticipation of social changes still decades away, Salt of the Earth made an eloquent plea for economic and sexual equality at a time when these issues had yet to hit the front page.

Say amen, somebody
100 min 1984 Pacific Arts Video Records
Joy-filled celebration of the music created for the sole purpose of uplifting the human spirit. Story of gospel music and those who perform it.

Sentimental women need not apply - A history of the American nurse
60 min 1988 Direct Cinema Limited
A comprehensive and compelling exploration of the sometimes mythology and often hard realities which have characterized the field of nursing since its inception in the mid-19th Century. Utilizing contemporary interviews, dramatic readings, film clips and a wealth of vivid archival drawings and still photographs, traces the history of nursing from its military beginnings through the present.

Sexual harassment
30 min 1994 National Restaurant Association
Tape 1: What’s the big deal(20 min); Tape 2: Is it me?(10 min). Show foodservice manager and foodservice employees how to handle and prevent sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment: An academic affair
180 min 1994 California State University
Barry M. Shapiro, author and nationally recognized training expert in the field of sexual harassment, presents this authoritative and pragmatic videoconference focusing on the problem of sexual harassment on campus and how to achieve legal compliance.

Shadow of hate - A history of intolerance in America
40 min 1995 Guggenheim Productions
Spans three centuries to examine this country's ongoing struggle to live up to its ideals of liberty, equality and justice for all. Through documentary footage and eyewitness reports, viewers are given a powerful perspective on historical events from the ordinary people who lived through them.

Shattering the silences
86 min 1997 California Newsreel
Explores issues of faculty diversity in American higher education in the mid-1990s, focusing on the experiences of eight minority scholars in the humanities and social science at various institutions.

Since Stonewall
80 min 1992 Picture Start, Inc
Ten shorts films from the '70s, '80s, and early '90s, reflecting the feelings, fears, humor, artistry, and changing realities of gay America.

Skin deep
53 min 1995 California Newsreel
Chronicles the provocative journey of a diverse group of college students as they examine their deeply held attitudes and feelings about race and explore the barriers that stand in the way of building a society that truly respects all races.

Slaying the dragon
60 min 1988 Cross Current Media
This video chronicles Hollywood's recycling of one-dimensional images of Asian American women through film clips and interviews with media critics and Asian American actresses.

Slim hopes
30 min 1995 Media Education Foundation
Seven sections including: Impossible beauty -- The waif look -- Constructed bodies -- Food & sex -- Food & control -- The weight loss industry -- Freeing imaginations. Illustrated lecture which explores the manner in which women are portrayed by advertising with the focus on thinness. Discusses the impact this portrayal has on the self images of women and girls.

Someone you know: Acquaintance rape
30 min 1986 MTI Film & Video
The staggering facts are that one in seven women will be raped in her lifetime. Even more surprising is that over half of the victims will be assaulted by someone they know. Looks at this single-most under-reported crime in America, examines its effects on the victims, probes the underlying causes behind these violent acts and explores what can be done to prevent the crime and aid the victims.

Still killing us softly: Advertising's image of women
32 min 1987 Cambridge Documentary Films
Author Jean Kilbourne explores the images of women, men, and children presented by modern advertising. She illustrates with examples the use of women as sex objects. She also examines the techniques used by advertisers to exploit the insecurities of consumers, particularly the concerns about aging, body image, and sexuality.

Story of Islam
120 min 1983 Educational Video Network
Takes a journey through Islam’s history, from its humble beginnings 1,300 years ago to its place in the world today, with more than one billion devout believers. The culture and philosophy are examined in depth.

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Tale of "O"
27 min 1981 Goodmeasure, Inc.
"A Tale of "O" explores the consequences of being different. It focuses a group of people in which there are the "many" referred to as the "X's" and the "few" referred to as the "O's". What makes one an X or an O and what are the pressures involved in the situation.

Tales from Arab Detroit
46 min 1995 Olive Branch Productions
When a Arab community center brings an Egyptian poet to perform a 1000-year-old epic, sparks fly. The result is a familiar American tale: parents trying to pass on cherished traditions and language, while their children are at home in a world of McDonald’s and MTV. Tales from Arab Detroit blends voices, poetry, song and dance into everyday stories of cultural conflict and resilience within the largest Arab community in North America.

Teaching music with a multicultural approach (2): Teaching the music of the American Indian
37 min 1991 Music Educators National Conference
Ethnomusicologist David P. McAllester and Edwin Shupman, a Native American, challenged the stereotype of the American Indian by offering accurate information on Native Americans-their unique beliefs, traditions, and music.

Teaching music with a multicultural approach (3): Teaching the music of Asian Americans
37 min 1991 Music Educators National Conference
Kuo-Huang Han traces the history of music in China, from stone chimes to Kun Opera to modern orchestras. Patricia Shehan Campbell explains how to use Chinese music in the classroom.

Teaching music with a multicultural approach (4): Teaching the music of Hispanic Americans
26 min 1991 Music Educators National Conference
Dale A. Olsen, professor of ethnomusicology presents, information about Hispanic-American musical heritage. Mexican regional music is also discussed.

Television's Vietnam: The real story/The impact of media
116 min 1985 Accuracy in Media
Two separately produced hour-long programs which evaluate the coverage of the Vietnam war by the American press, focusing particularly on the PBS series, Vietnam, a television history.

123 min 1991 Fox Lorber Home Video
Documentary which began in 1963 when Britian’s Granada Television’s World in Action program interviewed a group of seven-year-old children for a feature called 7up. Every seven years, Michael Apted has returned to record the lives of 14 people, tracing their ambitions, successes, their failures, their loves and even one’s madness.

Times of Harvey Milk
87 min 1985
Set in San Francisco in the 1970’s, tells of the inspiring and ultimately tragic rise to power of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to office in the United States and one of the gay-rights movements most charismatic and powerful activists.

To sleep with anger
102 min 1990 Columbia Tristar Home Video
A seductive trickster and storyteller unexpectedly shows up on the doorstep of his old friend and through mischief and myth, divides a family. An effective exploration of contemporary black society and the cultural differences between generations. Stars: Danny Glover.

Trade secrets
23 min 1985 Women Make Movies
Ironworker, welder, sprinkle fitter, electrician: four women reveal how their lives changed when they stepped into the traditionally male world of skilled crafts. They tell how they overcame the physical and personal obstacles to find satisfaction in their trades, greater financial power, and most of all, a new sense of identity as journeywomen.

Two lies
25 min 1989 Women Make Movies
Doris Chu, a recently divorced Chinese-American woman, has plastic surgery to make her eyes rounder. From her teenage daughters Mei’s perspective, her mother’s two eyes equal two lies. A study of generational conflict and the struggle for identity in a world of hybrid cultures.

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Understanding our biases and assumptions
14 min 1990 Films for the Humanities
Program deals with the nature of biases and preconceptions; covers subjects of "in" and "out"; determinants of "good" and "bad"; allows minorities to speak out; challenges viewers to examine personal biases.

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Valuing diversity
45 min each 1987 Copeland Griggs Production
Describes how management must consider various cultural backgrounds and work ethics in order to promote productive work relations and effective communication in the work environment. Tape1: Managing Differences. - Tape 2: Diversity at work across cultures. - Tape 3: Communicating across cultures.

Vanishing family - Crisis in black America
60 min 1986 CBS
Bill Moyers hosts this documentary which profiles a "representative" inner city where members of three black families speak about their dreams and disappointments.

Visible harm?
41 min 1993 Landmark Film, Inc
Argues that the trade in pornography dehumanizes women and children, inclines men to sexual violence, and is a factor in a three-fold increase in reported rape over the last decade. Victims discuss how sexually explicit materials influence the abusive behavior and violence used towards them.

Visions of the spirit: A portrait of Alice Walker
58 min 1989 Women Make Movies
Portrait of Pulitzer Prize winning Alice Walker explores the compassion, insight and strength that have made her one of the most admired women in the United States. Explores the roots of Walker's Southern Black feminist consciousness through in-depth conversations with the writer and members of her family.

Voices and visions, #3: Langston Hughes - The dream keeper
58 min 1988 PBS
On location footage in Senegal, France, Kansas, and Harlem chronicles the life and work of Langston Hughes, who achieved distinction in poetry, fiction, and drama. Performances of this poet's lyrics reveal their inspiration in the music he loved----jazz, the blues, and gospel. Contemporary writers explore Hughes' broad and varied influence on their work.

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W, X, Y & Z

Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers: Marshall, Texas; Marshall, Texas
87 min 1984 PBS
Bill Moyers shares his personal history and explores the gradual effects of social change on small-town America. Interviews with former town resident James Farmer, founder of the Congress of Racial Equality, and looks at the impact of the civil rights movement on this small town.

Warning: The media may be hazardous to your health
21 min 1990 Media Watch
Exposes the dangers of media models that glamorize violence, fear and hatred between the sexes. Images of commercials, Madonna, Pee Wee Herman, MTV, and media protesters are woven together to create a humorous, yet sobering look at sexism in the 90's. Based on a slideshow by activist, writer and national lecturer, Ann J. Simonton.

W. E. B. Du Bois—A biography in four voices
116 min 1995 California Newsreel
Four prominent African American writers, Wesley Brown, Thulani Davie, Cade Bambara and Amiri Baraka, each narrate a period of Bu Bois life and describes his impact on their work. They chronicle Du Bois’ role as a founder of the N.A.A.C.P., organizer of the first Pan-African Congress, editor of the Crisis, a leading black journal of the black cultural renaissance and author of a string of landmark sociological studies including the Souls of Black Folks.

W. E. B. Du Bois of Great Barrington
60 min 1992 PBS Video
Chronicles the life and accomplishments of intellectual William Edward Burghardt Du Bois. Du Bois was a pioneer in American sociology, a founder of the NAACP and is widely considered on the the nation's foremost intellectuals. Born and raised in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, W.E.B. Du Bois later went on to become the first African-American doctoral student to receive a degree from Harvard University.

What's eating Gilbert Grape?
118 min 1993 Paramount Home Video
Johnny Depp plays Gilbert and Juliette Lewis is the visitor who turns his life around in this flawless blend of comedy and drama that includes Leonardo DiCaprio's acclaimed performance as Gilbert's mentally impaired younger brother.

Where the spirit lives
97 min 1989 Studio Entertainment
Two native children are kidnapped by the government and placed in an environment where they are emotionally and sometimes sexually abused. Later they are told that their parents have died and they must remain in the institution where they are forced and deceived into giving up their language, their heritage and almost their spirits.

Who killed Vincent Chin?
82 min 1990 Filmakers Library
The Academy-Award nominated film is a powerful statement about racism in working-class America. It relates the stark facts of Vincent Chin’s brutal murder. This tragic story is interwoven with the whole fabric of timely social concerns. It addresses issues such as failure of our judicial system to value every citizen’s rights equally, the collapse of the automobile industry under pressure from Japanese imports, and the souring of the American dream for the blue collar worker.

Woman in the board room
28 min 1988 Film for the Humanities
Using the case of Mary Walsh Cunningham, this specially adapted Phil Donahue program establishes that sexism in the executive suite is not just an attitude, but a weapon.

Workfare, welfare: What's fair?
26 min 1993 Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Inc
Focuses on one program, designed to get people off welfare rolls and into jobs, its costs and its prospects and problems.

World of ideas with Bill Moyers: Achebe, Chinua
28 min 1988 PBS
Video In an interview with Bill Moyers, Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe discusses the West's often inaccurate portrayal of Africa and how it is the African Storyteller's obligation to be the collective memory of the African people.

World of ideas with Bill Moyers: Asmimov, Issac 1920-
60 min 1988 PBS Video
In an interview with Bill Moyers, Issac Asminov talks about evolution, the correlation between science and religion, the future of education, and getting something out of existence and questioning the meaning of a single lifetime.

World of ideas with Bill Moyers: Erdrich, Louise
29 min 1988 PBS Video
In an interview with Bill Moyers, native authors Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris talk about American Indians' status and condition in modern America.

World of ideas with Bill Moyers: Lightfoot, Sara
29 min 1988 PBS Video
Sara Lawrence Lighfoot is interviewed by Bill Moyers on American education and what makes good schools. Highlights the problems and promise of American school and stresses the need to put learning back into teaching.

World of ideas with Bill Moyers: Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-
29 min 1988 PBS Video
In an interview with Bill Moyers, philosopher Martha Nussbaum discusses the ethical life, how the philosophical insights of the ancient Greeks address the moral conflicts and choices of modern people, and the role of philosophy in the personal and political spheres of modern life.

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