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The focus of the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education continues to be equalization of opportunities for young children with disabilities. Our many early childhood projects result in materials that have been tested with the cooperation of our field test sites. We offer these products to those of you who are searching for just the “right” instructional material. You will find these materials helpful in meeting the requirements of IDEA. We appreciate your comments and value suggestions you have to help us refine and develop future instructional materials.

Ideas that Work Logo.The Ideas that Work logo on products and materials means those products and materials have resulted from work by a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs. The Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education is proud to display the Ideas that Work logo. Opinions expressed on this site and in our products are the opinions of the authors, and have resulted from outcomes of our numerous projects. They do not necessarily represent the position of the U.S. Department of Education. In addition, mention of any commercial products in our publications, software, and videos should not be construed as endorsement, either real or implied, by the U.S. Department of Education.

Items Available from The Center


This innovative, yet practical guide for helping teachers implement a comprehensive expressive arts curriculum in their classrooms includes tips for arranging the environment, family involvement ideas, adaptations, and documentation.

ArtSpace and a Curriculum to Accompany ArtSpace

(CD-ROM for the Macintosh, revised 2001) is an interactive adventure to an art museum that will delight children and adults alike. The museum lobby contains three options: (1) the Adult Gallery, to view works of art created by adults; (2) the Children's Gallery, to see art work by preschool and elementary school children; (3) the Studio, where children may participate in simulated drawing experiences. The Galleries include descriptions, comments, and sometimes videos about each work of art.

ArtSpace can be used with the mouse, a touch screen, or a switch for easy access by children with disabilities. This software package includes a five-part, 96-page companion curriculum, A Curriculum to Accompany ArtSpace (1996), that contains great ideas for the early childhood classroom.

A Children's Journey: Investigating the Fire Truck Beginning with an introduction to young children's projects by Lilian Katz and Judy Helm, this video brings to life the experiences of a group of young investigators in a community early childhood program serving children of all abilities. Through the eyes of teacher Pam Scranton and the children, as revealed within actual classroom footage, the viewer connects to the children's wonder and curiosity as the children investigate the community fire truck over time.

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eMERGing Literacy and Technology: Working Together

Combine an emergent literacy approach with successful assistive technology experiences and the result is eMERGing Literacy and Technology: Working Together.

Loaded with curriculum activities and off-computer ideas, this guide is a welcome addition to any early childhood program. Included are activities for commercial software according to five interactivity levels, as well as many ways to customize activities through authoring software (e.g., HyperStudio). Content also includes adaptations with alternate input devices and specialized set-ups, and information on designing the environment, family involvement, teaching strategies, and children's learning styles.

LitTech Toolkit

Use the LitTECH Toolkit to provide staff development training on supporting children's emergent literacy development. In one package your professional development trainers receive all the resources they need to train on this important topic.

The Curriculum Resource Guide and CD contain training agendas and handouts to support the training content. Materials included in the ToolKit are the eMERGing Literacy and Technology: Working Together curriculum guide and five DVDs to use during training: LitTECH Interactive Presents: The Beginning of Literacy; Your Preschool Classroom Computer Center: How Does It Measure Up?; A Guide to Selecting Software for Young Children; Supporting the Early Childhood Curriculum with Technology; and Tools of the Trade: Early Childhood Software.

Note: Four of the DVDs are available for purchase separately in VHS format. Descriptions of those products are included in the Video Products section of this webpage. The fifth DVD, LitTECH Interactive Presents: The Beginning of Literacy, provides an overview linking technology to the concepts of emergent literacy. While providing information about the concepts of print to stages of writing, the DVD showcases children and teachers using technology as part of their classroom literacy activities.

STARnet Apples Videotapes #

STARNET Videos: APPLES Magazine The mission of STARnet is to promote and support a comprehensive, family-centered, consumer-driven service system for all young children, families, and communities.

STARnet promotes excellence, provides leadership, and offers rich opportunities for personal and professional growth and systems development in collaboration with families, schools, and other community stakeholders. Each month throughout the school year, STARnet sponsors APPLES Magazine, an interactive satellite inservice program offering topics of interest to early childhood educators.

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Supporting a Comprehensive Technology System: Roles of an On-Site Technology Team

This video illustrates the importance of a comprehensive system that includes (a) assessing children's technology needs (b) integrating computers into the curriculum (c) making satisfactory transitions.

The video demonstrates how the Technology Team at Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center in Middle Island, New York, successfully accomplished technology-related goals. The Tech Team at Just Kids was trained by the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education (formerly Macomb Projects) staff to troubleshoot technical problems and to assist with technology integration. Teachers, parents, and team members discuss the benefits of the comprehensive system and demonstrate the team's contributions to that success.

The half-hour video is a must for those who are purchasing technology and software for the classroom since it demonstrates that equipment itself is not enough. Ongoing training and technical support supply the ingredients that mean the dollars invested in the technology will be well spent.

Windows on Learning: A Framework for Making Decisions

Careful observation gives teachers insight into what children know, what they are beginning to learn, and where their interests lie. Filmed at the Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Center in Peoria, Illinois, this video is a useful introduction to documenting children's learning in the classroom context. It shows documentation in action in an urban early childhood setting.

Young Children as Explorers: Interactive Learning Experiences

This curriculum, containing activities designed for children ages 3-6, focuses on math, science, and social studies and includes integrated activities to use with over 30 software titles. It addresses learning standards established by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics, National Research Council, and National Council for Social Studies; provides ideas for adapting activities for children with disabilities; contains suggestions and activities for family involvement; and includes resources for adaptive equipment, software, and supplies.

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