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Planning Technology Integration
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Curriculum Integration
Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators for Curriculum Integration of Technology

1. Define what curriculum integration means in terms of using technology in the preschool classroom.

2. Discuss the rationale for integrating technology into the early childhood curriculum.

3. Develop a plan for integrating technology into the curriculum using the Technology Activity Plan form.

4. Document how technology was integrated into a specific thematic unit in the classroom, providing descriptions of activities and children's reactions.

5. Design a photo essay based on curriculum integration activities.

6. Write an article for a family newsletter about curriculum integration activities.

7. Develop an agenda for an inservice on integrating technology into the curriculum for early childhood staff.

8. Write a curriculum activity using the Curriculum Integration Ideas format developed by the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood.

9. Create a videotape of curriculum integration activities to be shown to families during open house.

10. List three resources for curriculum integration ideas.


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