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Planning Technology Integration
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Planning Technology Integration

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What is Curriculum Integration?
Why Integrate Technology?
Planning Activities
Planning Use of Playsets

Planning Technology Integration Activities

Early childhood educators must take time to plan technology activities in order to effectively integrate them into their curriculum. Planning means more than making software and materials available to children. Thought must be given to how children will interact with the materials and what type of opportunities they will have for choice making and language development. The following elements have been identified by the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood as being important in the planning process.

  • Curriculum Content Area
  • Activity – off-computer and computer
  • Materials – off-computer and computer
  • Manipulation
  • Choice
  • Language
  • Adaptations
  • Evaluation of Activity

Planning Form Developed by Center

"Technology Integration." Link to Technology Integration Plan PDF

Planning the Use of PlaySets Into the Curriculum

"Easy Bake Oven."Curriculum integration ideas come easily to teachers who use Play Sets along with their software. Playsets are special toy units which are usually mounted on top of the keyboard and are used along with software. Some of the popular versions include the Easy Bake Oven, Tonka Construction, and The Store.A HeadStart teacher in Kewanee, Illinois planned, used and evaluated the use of the Easy Bake Play Set in her classroom.

"Easy Bake Kitchen Activity Plan." View “Easy Bake Kitchen Activity Plan” PDF
"EasyBake Activity." To view an iMovie of an EasyBake activity on
"EasyBake Curriculum Ideas." Other curriculum integration ideas with Easy Bake on ECCTS III web page

What Does Technology Integration Mean?

One preschool teacher contemplates how the activities she planned and implemented in her classroom truly fit into technology integration.

"What Does Technology Mean?" View “What Does Technology Integration Mean? PDF”
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