University Technology

Western Illinois University Email

Western Illinois University uses Google Apps for its email platform. A quick-start guide and additional help documentation can be found at

  1. To access your email, visit
    (Using a mobile device? View setup instructions here.)
  2. Log in with your ECom username and password.
  3. Can't remember your password? Reset it here.

WIU has been moving accounts from Zimbra (our legacy email system) to Google Apps since March 2016. If you are still using or need to access Zimbra, please visit As of August 19, 2016, all Zimbra accounts for employees and students have been migrated to Google Apps. If for some reason you have not been migrated to Gmail, please log in here to migrate your account. Only current students. current employees, alumni, and retirees are eligible to continue using WIU email services.

Zimbra accounts that were migrated to Gmail will be automatically removed six months after your migration date.